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IBM will acquire

Technology giant IBM is looking forward to completing a massive deal, involving the acquirement of and other digital assests from The Weather Company, according to Computer World.

The announcement confirms the latest rumors, circulating for a few weeks. The deal was announced this Wednesday and it includes The Weather Company’s mobile and Web-based products, alongside WSI, Weather Underground and the whole The Weather Company brand, while the Weather Channel will not be included. Still, the latter will use weather forecast data and analytics from IBM.

IBM joins the Internet of Things club

Like expected, the deal will be closed in Q1 of 2016, as the final terms weren’t settled. After the papers are signed, IBM will use the services currently delivered by in its new Watson IoT Unit and Watson IoT Cloud Platform. Apparently, more and more companies are interested in the Internet of Things and IBM is no exception.

IBM’s biggest interest point was‘s dynamic cloud data platform, powering the mobile app, which is currently the fourth most-used weather forecast app in the United States, handling 26 billion inquiries daily.

This platform is able to deal with a wide range of data at impressive speeds and scale, analyzing data from 3 billion forecast reference points, 40 million smartphones and 50,000 airplane flights each day.

IBM will have access to a huge amount of data

Therefore, using‘s technology, IBM would be able to collect an impressive amount of global data, in order to deliver deep insights through their Watson platform. This will create a “significant competitive advantage as they link their business and sensor data with weather and other pertinent information in real time, for companies interested in the Internet of Things,” said John Kelly, senior vice president for IBM Solutions Portfolio and Research.

Besides the deal with The Weather Company, IBM also teamed up with partners like Engage, Macaw Speech, Opentopic, StatSocial, Vennli and Domus Semo Sancus.