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HTC 11 will actually be the Taiwanese manufacturer’s flagship!

Last month, after HTC introduced the U Play and U Ultra models, we all believed that the latter will be the Taiwanese manufacturer’s flagship for 2017, while the HTC 11, the presumed successor of last year’s HTC 10, will remain just an idea. But, apparently, we were a bit wrong…

According to the latest rumors, the handset may be closer than we think! A leaked image was spotted today on Chinese social network Weibo and it seems to be the device’s “About” screen, therefore revealing a few important specs!

Yes, it has a Snapdragon 835!

To be more specific, the HTC 11 could be powered by Qualcomm’s almighty Snapdragon 835 chip, alongside 6 GB of RAM and a whooping 128 gigs of internal storage. Also, if this image is the real deal, it will also feature the latest version of Google’s operating system, Android 7.1.2 Nougat, customized with the manufacturer’s own Sense 9.0 UI.

However, the most interesting aspect this screenshot reveals is the resolution: 1556 x 2560. It’s definitely a bit more than QHD, but it’s not QHD+, like the LG G6 will have, so we’re really curious about this phone’s aspect ratio. On the other side, we don’t exclude the possibility of seeing a curved display either!

As the folks over at Tom’s Guide note, the processor choice is very interesting, considering that Samsung got pretty much all the Snapdragons 835, for its Galaxy S8 flagship, that’s why the HTC U Ultra has an 821 under the hood.

Two months left and counting…

Still, the rumors claim that the HTC 11 will make its debut a bit later, in April, so Qualcomm has enough time to build a few extra chips for the flagship.

Yes, all these make sense, if we put them together, but our recommendation is to take everything with a pinch of salt, since there’s no guarantee that the screenshot is genuine.