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How VR Casinos Are Changing The Online Gambling Industry

The World of Virtual Reality Casinos

Virtual Reality, or VR, has been hailed as the next big step in terms of immersive gaming, and gambling. Early applications, however, have been geared towards players of video games rather than online casino enthusiasts. In spite of this, the demand for VR is likely to be huge, and Net Entertainment’s VR pokies game is only adding to the expectation.

The First VR Pokies Game

Net Entertainment, or NetEnt, is at the testing stage of their VR pokies game, Gonzo’s Quest, and the idea is an incredible one. It will take place inside a totally rendered setting, based on the game’s original one, and has been made with interaction with the pokies itself, total compatibility with real money betting processes, several levels for players to work their way through, and characters to accompany them on this mission. Virtual Reality is no longer just a concept.

Although the game has not been released for public consumption yet, Net Entertainment is confident that it will be by the end of 2017/beginning of 2018. This is a giant leap forwards for VR games, and will undoubtedly open the floodgates once it becomes available, and ensure that more real money casino games are formatted for consumption in this manner. The game is set to run on the most recent version Unity Engine, and the experience it is able to deliver promises to be available by means of all of the major headset products for mobile devices via the Google Daydream platform.

A Simpler Process, in Theory

NetEnt has suggested that totally immersive VR casinos are still some way off, but creating the games one by one will simplify the process significantly, in theory. The most probable outcome for the VR Casino of the near future will be a fully rendered lobby of some kind, with various gateways provided to online pokies and other games, and these allowing for a number of servers to be accessed from one centralised hub.

The Metamorphosis of the Traditional Casino Experience

The lines distinguishing video gaming, eSports, and real money gambling are already blurring, and the onset of VR will doubtlessly augment the requirements for further intersections.

Social casinos are likely to be the most popular feature for VR. This industry is worth just over $3 billion at this point, according to Eilers Research, and this figure is set to increase to more than $4 billion by the end of the year 2017. This is partly as a result of the industry expanding its demographic thanks to the introductions of elements that are more skill-based.

The Future of Online Gambling

Social casinos are able to be effectively used by land-based places to play as marketing tools, and VR recreations of the major Las Vegas casino resorts are the most likely future ventures.

Again, although some crossover is unavoidable, social casino patrons are not the same as their traditional online casino counterparts, thanks to the fact that they don’t think like gamblers do. They behave like gamers, with their aims being to beat the game, rather than simply enjoy the experience of the excitement of taking risks, and the VR casinos of the future will need to take this into account.

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