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How to Write an Admission Essay: Useful Advice & Practical Tips

An admission essay is a paper that may influence your life greatly. How to write a great admission essay, what to pay attention to and some other practical tips are here.

How to Write a Great Admission Essay

Writing an admission essay is different from writing any other academic essay. The problem is that the task of an admission essay is different than the one of any other kind of essay. Write college admission essay with

You should write your admission essay so that it breathes life into your college application. It should show your uniqueness and make the admission committee select you among thousands of other applicants.

You cannot fit your admission essay in a standard structure of an academic essay. You should make it different and unique.

Admission Essay Presentation – What to Share, How to Share

Stop for a while and think what would you share in your essay? Which stories from your life could be so significant that the admission committee would select you from thousands of candidates? This essay is your opportunity to share your goals, visions, plans – all that is important to you. Explain why you are the best student for the college as well as why this college is the best option for you.

Do not squeeze all your achievements in an essay. You don’t need to write a memoir. Pick up the most important moments that will show why you have selected this college.

Remember that nobody knows you there well enough. The members of the admission committee are excited to learn about you and why you have selected their college. Brag. Show them that they will lose a lot if they don’t accept you.

Practical Tips

You may be still wondering where to get those brilliant ideas for writing a perfect admission essay. How to organize the essay correctly?

This short plan will help you to select ideas for your admission essay:

  • Ask your friends to help you. They may have wonderful ideas for your self-presentation.
  • Self-reflection. Nobody knows you better than you. Think what makes you different from other applicants.
  • Write down all ideas.
  • Select the most significant ideas and opinions.
  • Select ideas on which you will base your story.

After all those stages are passed, you start writing.

Write an Outline

An outline will help you to organize your ideas. All stories have a specific structure. Your admission essay should have an introduction, the main part, and the conclusion. This standard pattern makes any paper easy to read and understand.

After you have written an outline, you can clearly see the structure and follow it.

The Introduction Should Be Engaging

The introduction should have something that will make the reader want to continue reading. It should contain a hook. Think what kind of hook it will be: a dialogue, a question, a famous quote? That will depend on the tone which you have selected for your essay. Do not use typical phrases, otherwise, you may sound boring.

The introduction is the part where you select the voice for your essay, the writing tone. After you have picked up a particular writing manner, stick to it throughout the entire essay.

The Body – Just Keep Writing

Then it is time to move to the main part of your admission essay. In the outline, you have already given the direction for your paper. Follow it.

Keep your reader interested. Do not jump from one idea to another, be consistent.

Keep it short. Write about the topic you have selected. The members of the admission committee may have neither a desire nor time to read deviations. Provide the relevant information only.

Do all the writing yourself. Believe, the members of the admission committee can distinguish an original story from a story that has been written by somebody else, or even worse, a story that has been plagiarized.

In conclusion, make sure you remind the admission committee once more, that you are the best applicant. Make them understand it if they still doubt it.

Proofread Your Admission Essay

Are you done with your admission essay and eager to submit it? Do not hurry. Proofread it or make someone else proofread it. Read it aloud. This will help you to see if the essay is written fluently enough if it has an appropriate structure.

Make Sure You Send the Essay with Contact Information

You believe that now you can submit your admission essay? Not so fast. Before sending it to the college, check if you have included your contact information and if your e-mail address doesn’t sound silly (if yes, better register another mailbox).

Now, you are ready to submit your admission essay.

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