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How to Store Your Wreaths Safely

Handmade wreaths are some of our most cherished decorating essentials. They are iconic symbols of the season that transform our homes with a display of festive colors and offer-up a harvest of wonderful memories every time we put them up. Wreaths are delicate and are made of dried florals and fabrics like burlap ribbons that need protection from the elements. How your store your handmade burlap wreaths is crucial so they stay beautiful and keep their shape year after year. Here are some helpful wreath storage solutions to help your store your burlap wreaths safely.

Boxes for Storing Wreaths

Wreaths are quite large, so it’s challenging to store them properly. It’s important to protect them from dust, bugs, and moisture which could damage them. Storage boxes made specifically for your wreaths are one of the best ways to store these fragile items. Make sure to purchase a large box or bag that is deep enough to house your oversized wreaths. Boxes work well to keep your handmade wreaths from getting twisted or squashed, and are stackable for more storage space.

Plastic Storage Bins

Another valuable tip for storing breakable decorations between seasons is to use see-through plastic tubs. Plastic containers are readily available from big box stores and online resources like Amazon in a variety of sizes and styles that will protect your holiday and burlap wreaths from moisture and insects. 30 to 50-gallon tubs are a little pricey, but they can store several wreaths at once and are more durable than boxes.

Bag and Hang Your Wreaths

Some wreaths feature leaves, flowers, bows, and other ornaments that might break off when stored flat in a box. These types of wreaths are best hung up in a dry closet or an old coat rack so they aren’t damaged. If your basement is dry year-round, it is also a wonderful place to store out of season decor. Just hang them off a nail from one of the exposed rafters. Make sure to cover your wreaths with a black plastic or kitchen garbage bag to protect it from dust. Don’t tie the end of the bags closed at the bottom, so air can flow around your wreaths to protect them from moisture and mold.

Protect Your Wreaths from Moisture

Any crafter who works with dried mediums knows that moisture is your worst enemy. Dampness leads to mold, and you’ve invested too much time and creativity in your handmade burlap wreaths to let mildew destroy them. Mold can hide in places you might not expect, including in your heating and air conditioning system. When you find mold in your home, schedule a visit from an HVAC service professional who will check your system and the duct work to make sure your home, and your delicate wreaths, are protected from indoor mold growth.

We spend valuable time, creativity, and of course, money on our handmade wreaths and decorations, so storing them properly is key to making sure they last for years. With these tips, keeping your wreaths safe and organized is as easy as frolicking in the fall leaves.

Omer Cetin