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How to Start Creating More Engaging Video Content

Video engagement is often measured in a variety of different ways, but at its core it is an attempt to gauge the impact that a video has on viewers. Since that can’t be measured directly other metrics are tracked to estimate it – such as the average duration watched, completion rate, reactions (such as likes, and comments), shares and recommendations, or even replays.

Based on those metrics you should be starting to see that if you want to create more engaging videos what you should be focusing on is creating videos that can attract interest, retain viewers, and encourage them to react. As you can imagine there are a lot of ways you can do that, but there are some that have a bigger impact than others:

1) Focus on a single message in your video

Every video that you create should focus on a single message, and be structured around delivering it. If you have more than a single message they’ll invariably work at cross-purposes and distract viewers, reducing the effectiveness of both.

On top of that a video focused on a single message is generally bound to be shorter – which leads to the next point…

2) Keep the video short

Although there’s a lot of debate over the optimal length for videos and the factors that affect it, on a very basic level shorter videos retain more viewers. Often the duration that is recommended for video content is between 1 to 2 minutes at most, but as mentioned that isn’t a hard and fast rule.

The best approach is to try to keep your video content as short and direct as possible. Be succinct, don’t beat around the bush, and figure out the simplest way to deliver your message effectively. If you do that your video should end up fairly short, and be able to engage viewers.

3) Add a hook at the start of the video

It is vital that you use the start of the video to convince viewers to stay and watch it – so you should do away with any lengthy introduction. Instead the start of your video should have a hook that is solely designed to entice viewers to continue watching.

A good structure to use for your hook is to quickly outline what the video is about, then pivot into how it will benefit the viewers. That benefit should be in the form of a compelling reason to stay and watch the video.

4) Visually deliver information

One of the reasons why video is so engaging is the fact that it is able to visually deliver information in a way that no other medium can match. It is crucial that you capitalize on that, and find the best way to ‘show’ the information that you’re putting across.

Keep in mind that aside from recording live video footage there are other options you could use to create videos such as screen recording, animation, or slideshows. For example you could use Movavi Slideshow Maker ( to create a slideshow if you feel it is the best way to deliver the message visually.

If you try everything described above, you should notice an improvement in your video engagement. To be more specific you may start to find that more viewers are staying and watching your videos for longer, and reacting to them as well.

Be sure to track as much data as you can regarding each video’s performance – and analyze it. That data will provide you with insights into what your target demographic is responding to, and help you to create more engaging videos over time.

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Beatrice Santos