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How to Get to the Top of LinkedIn’s Search Results

LinkedIn is one of the most visited online sites for professionals. Recruiters, investors and other businesses use this site to find candidates for their business needs. This is the reason why many professionals who have their profiles on LinkedIn are so eager to increase their LinkedIn search result ranking.


If you are one of these professionals who are seeking for tips to step up the ranking status of your LinkedIn profile, you might want to check the tips below;

• One of the primary steps that you can take is to include all of your past relevant jobs on the job history of your profile. The more frequent a specific job title appears on your account, the better ranking you’ll likely get for the said position.

• Create a headline that includes the appropriate keyword or the job title you are aiming for. LinkedIn includes this in their archive or search result ranking.

• Use a legitimate name. Refrain from using your job title as your LinkedIn profile name. Although this may offer a temporary boost in your ranking, LinkedIn moderators tend to ban this type of account eventually.

• Create broader network connection. The search results on LinkedIn often prioritize profiles of professionals closest to their network. This is the reason why professionals with bigger network have a better LinkedIn search ranking.

• Fill the skills section with all possible relevant job titles or profession you’re targeting. This gives you the chance to cover a wider viewer range since LinkedIn also includes the skills in the ranking. Also, you can ask other professionals that you have worked with to give you an endorsement for your listed skills. The number of endorsements that you receive per skill can help improve your search result ranking for the said skill.

• Use your target job title or profession in the summary section of your profile. This section is also included in the archiving process of LinkedIn, which means that the content of this section also contributes in the search result ranking.

• Look into the top LinkedIn profile search results who are targeting the same job title or profession as yours. This can also help give you some ideas on who you can boost your profile and get a better ranking.

• Remember that although proper keyword placement on your LinkedIn profile may boost your search result ranking it does not guarantee an actual business or employment. Your profile’s overall tone and content will be pushing for that, so make sure that all the details on your profile can truly showcase your skills and abilities.

• Use a ZIP code that is close to your actual location and the nearest city in your area. This way your LinkedIn profile can get better search results ranking when employers or recruiters from both locations start searching for your target profession.

The tips provided above are some of the things that you can integrate on your LinkedIn profile to increase your search result ranking.

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