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How to Put on a Great Event

Whereas print and digital ads usually promote things which require spending money, events are often designed to be enjoyable ways for people to spend their time. Events offer an opportunity for people to meet and interact in person, and this can lead to rewarding and beneficial relationships.

Here are four tips to make sure you put on an event that’s great for everybody in attendance.

Make Sure People Show Up

First, an event can’t possibly be successful if nobody attends. There are different methods of getting a crowd, but you can get amazing results from an experienced advertising agency that has successfully handled a wide range of events themselves. Contemporary ad agencies oversee the promotional material leading up to the event, which is crucial to drive attendance.

They can also handle the branding elements at the event itself. This ensures that there’s continuity and coherence between all aspects of the event. A good advertising agency can produce a range of things the event requires, such as promotional newspaper ads, stage banners, signage, lanyards or passes, tent wraps and more. This creates a sense of unity between all elements that translates into a strong brand — it also helps make sure people attend in the first place.

Who is Attending?

Special events are all about the people. This doesn’t simply mean they should be famous or high status individuals, rather they should all be like-minded and in sync with the idea behind the event itself to ensure they’re genuinely eager to connect, meet and talk. It shouldn’t feel like networking. The real measure of a successful event is attendees walking away with the feeling that they made meaningful connections.

Provide Excellent Service

Make sure your guests have everything they need. This may mean more chairs, or more food or drinks, or something different altogether. Logistics are a fundamental aspect of event planning.

If it’s a business event and the host sells products that will enhance the event itself, this may provide an opportunity to showcase wares to potential customers in a way that doesn’t just feel like a commercial sales pitch. Excellent service may mean letting people sample it without pressure. Maybe they’ll decide they want more of it in the future. Either way, it’s made the event better.

Gauge the Event’s Success

This will mean different things depending on the nature of the event. If it’s for charity, measure how many new donors the event generated. If it’s related to the arts, do the same for donors or new subscriptions. If it’s for business, see how many new customers were generated. Whether the event itself feels stressful or fun, its success should be measured and quantified afterwards with numerical data. This information will be used to develop strategy for your next event, to make sure it’s even better.

Sometimes new trends or novelties emerge to help make an event stand out from all the other ones. Don’t be afraid to try new tricks to mix it up if you think it’ll work. But so long as you stick to these fundamentals of event planning, your event should be a success.

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