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How to Pick an Affordable Cross-Country Auto Transport Service

When you’re moving cross-country, there are two ways to transport your vehicle—one is to drive it down yourself, which is not everyone’s cup of tea particularly if the distance is too big to cover easily. The second option is to book an automobile transport service that will safely haul your vehicle in a large trailer or container for a fee.

Whichever option you choose eventually, having the right knowledge will help you make an informed decision. So here are some quick tips on how to choose a reliable and experienced car shipping service.

Enclosed or open shipping

If it’s a luxury vehicle you need transported, there is no doubt that you should choose covered (enclosed) transportation, which costs slightly more than open shipping—but the covered carrier will protect your expensive automobile from the elements.

If you can’t afford an enclosed carrier, which can cost up to fifty percent more, choose open-air transport with a seasoned car shipping service known for its reliable and trustworthy service. Do remember that this means your vehicle will be exposed to heat, dust and rain during transit.

Scheduled shipping versus flexible shipping

The shipping company will give you two options: either to pick your own shipping date or to let them give you a slot when a shipping trailer is due to leave for your destination. The former option costs a lot more, so if budget is a constraint, we recommend that you let the shipping service take lead on this one.

You can make do without your car for a few days if it saves you hundreds of dollars in transit costs.

Avoid an auto transport service that asks for a deposit

Reputed vehicle shipping companies will never ask for an advance payment toward your order. If a company asks for it, you know you still haven’t found what you’re looking for. Most services that ask for such deposits will also ask you to sign documentation which, somewhere in fine print, would say that the deposit is nonrefundable.

At the same time, some leading companies do ask for full upfront payment at the time a customer places an order. If you’re doing this for the first time, we recommend that you pick a service that only asks to be paid once your automobile is delivered to the destination.

Read the fine print of the service agreement carefully

Not many auto shipping companies will ask you to sign a contract. But if you end up choosing one that does, take the time to read the fine print to understand the terms and conditions governing the shipping agreement to avoid last-minute surprises. Remember that a reputed auto shipping company won’t ask you to sign a contract you don’t understand. Lastly, avoid opting for the lowest quote and check if the quoted price includes insurance coverage.

Now that you know how to find enclosed auto transport experts, transporting your vehicle across country or even to an international destination should become a lot easier.

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