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How to Install VideoScribe on Android Devices for Free

VideoScribe is a program that enables you to create animated white board videos. This software is distributed as a retail PC program and as a premium mobile app for Android. VideoScribe has grown in popularity across digital marketers, retail software vendors and service providers over the last few years.


Animated white board videos are mainly used to promote products, provide step by step software guides and instructional materials for various industries and applications. Because video repositories like Youtube and social networks like Facebook have changed how the world views and shares video content among their peers – Taking advantage of what VideoScribe can do for your marketing campaigns and customer support needs will greatly benefit your business.

With this, here’s a little-known way to download and install the premium VideoScribe app in your Android device for absolutely free:

1. Pull up the Settings app of your Android device. Then, go to Security;

2. Scroll down until you find the “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources” checkbox. This is an option that can set your Android device to be able to install APK files from sources outside Google Play. Check this box and move on to the next step below; and

3. Click HERE to download the VideoScribe APK installer. Execute the APK file in your Android device, and follow the prompts to properly Install VideoScribe in your device.

That’s it. You can now create animated white board videos using your Android device. Use text and graphics for your white board videos. Improve the visual presentation of your videos by adding text formatting, object attributes, visual and sound effects. Remember, your objective is to instantly communicate your message through your videos, to grab the attention of your target audience and to keep them interested in watching the rest of your video content. Be as creative as possible when striking a balance between clearly communicating your messages across your target audience and improving their overall video and audio viewing experience.

You can also use third party video editing applications to get more options for improving the overall impact of your white board videos. There are built-in tools in Windows and Mac OSX for this purpose. There are also free apps for Android and iOS that can help you make your videos more captivating and interesting for your ideal viewers.

Finally, check the online video repositories, Web advertising networks and social media platforms where you intend to publish your animated white board videos. Each of these has certain requirements and specifications for video content publication. These might include video content format, file size and duration among others. You should follow these requirements to ensure that you won’t have any issues when publishing your video content across the Internet media channels that can help you reach your target audience.

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