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How to Hack iPhone 6 Passcode

Do you know that a recently discovered hack can allow anyone to bypass the lockscreen passcode of your iPhone 6 device that runs on iOS 8, 9 or 10 to access your stored photos and contacts?


Even if you use Touch ID, a 4-digit or a 6-digit passcode for your locked screen – All anyone needs is physical access to your iPhone 6 device, and they can then hack into your phone and retrieve your contact details and photos!

This hack exploits vulnerabilities in the accessibility features of iOS 8, 9 and 10. These accessibility features are Siri and VoiceOver.

Here’s how anyone can hack your lockscreen passcode to access your sensitive contact details and photos:

  • Pull up Siri with a long press on the Home button and ask “Who am I?”. That’s if the attacker doesn’t know your phone number. Otherwise, they’ll just need to wait until someone calls your number.
  • Call the number of the target iPhone device. Tap “Message” that’s displayed. Then, tap “Custom“. The attacker is now in the new message screen.
  • Pull up Siri again. Say “Enable VoiceOver“.
  • Return to the new message screen. Tap the text bar with the caller’s number twice in rapid succession. Next, tap on the keyboard. Repeat this and wait for a slide-to appear above the keyboard.
  • Pull up Siri again, and say “Turn off VoiceOver“. Go back to the new message screen, and enter any letter in the text bar with the caller’s number. Then, tap the (information) icon. The attacker can now create a new contact, which can then allow access to the sensitive details of your stored contacts. When any contact is selected, the attacker also has access to your previous conversations with that contact.
  • Return to the new message screen, and choose “Add Photo“. Then, select “Choose Photo“. At this point, the attacker can access the confidential photos in your iPhone 6.

How to Prevent Exploits to This Security Loophole

You can simply stop Siri from working when your iPhone screen is locked. Just go to your home screen, tap Settings, and go to “Touch ID & Passcode“. Then, choose “Disable Siri on the Lockscreen“. Although this could have a negative impact on your overall experience, you’re recommended to do this until Apple rolls out a fix with their next iOS update.

Keep in mind that there are other hacks for bypassing the lockscreen passcode of your iPhone 6 on iOS 9 and earlier. For example, a hack that was discovered in April last year allowed attackers to access contact details, Twitter conversations, photos and the like. All that’s needed to be done by an attacker is to pull up Siri and ask this digital assistant to find conversations in Twitter.

Other social media apps and messaging tools like chat programs could also be susceptible to similar hacks. With this, you’re advised to turn off Siri during lockscreen to avoid these security problems. You should also make it a point to always check and install updates from Apple.

Omer Cetin