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How to get rid of Corns And Calluses

Getting Rid Of Corns And Calluses The Easy Way

Calluses and corns aren’t symptoms of skin diseases. They form when the feet are subjected to continuous pressure because of abnormal gait, toe deformities, bones protruding, and wearing ill-fitting footwear.

Generally, they don’t pose any risks to your health, but if you are uncomfortable or diabetic, you can get rid of them effectively and safely without having to visit a podiatrist. Here are a few of the best ways to get rid of them:

Castor Oil


You can rub a small portion of Castor oil onto your feet before you sleep at night. Then wear socks after you’ve applied the oil and this will prevent any of your bed sheets from getting stained. In the morning, start by brushing your feet with a soft brush that will slowly peel the softened calluses and corns off. Keep repeating this procedure until all of the corns and calluses have been removed successfully from your feet.



Pour small warm water into a small basin and add a couple of spoons of salt. Then soak your feet inside a basin and relax. The salt and the warm water are going to soften the calluses and corns softly on your feet.



Don’t use medicated patches for corns and calluses since most contain strong chemicals which may penetrate to some parts of your feet which don’t have corns or calluses. If you’re diabetic, it can be quite dangerous since it may cause foot ulcers. Instead, you should soak cotton cloths in vinegar and apply it on the corn or callus and then wrap the inside using cling wrap so that the cloth stays in place. Leave it overnight or for at least a few hours. Repeat this procedure each night till the vinegar sloughs off the corns and the calluses.

Pumice stone


They are remarkably effective when it comes to trimming off calluses and corns as long as you do it every single day. Diabetics certainly are discouraged from using this method of corn and callus removal.

Garlic foot cream


With the help of garlic cream, you can get rid of corns on your toes and calluses with the help of ten garlic cloves, a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice and just a single tablespoon of dried chamomile. You can create the paste with the help of these ingredients and a pestle and mortar. You could also use a food processor for this. Apply the cream generously on the corns and calluses at least a couple of times every day. It is going to smell awful, but at least it will work like a charm.

If none of these homeopathic remedies are working for you, it’s best for you to go visit a podiatrist. They will know just how to get rid of your corns and calluses. Please don’t attempt to operate on them yourself in the bathroom. This will certainly result in an infection. It’s better to be safe rather than sorry.

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