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How To Financially Plan for a Dog

You did it! You took the puppy plunge and got yourself that dog you have been ogling pictures of for months. But what does that mean for you financially? While having a dog is one of life’s greatest pleasures, you, and your wallet, should be prepared for the 10-15 year long commitment you have made to your furry friend.

Expenses – Let’s Break it Down

Dogs, like most things in life, always cost more than you think they will. We want you to enjoy every moment with your fur baby, without worrying about the impact on your bank account. So, here is a guideline of expenses you should be prepared for when purchasing a new pup.

1. Startup Costs – $550 – Not including the cost of purchasing (or adopting!) your new best friend, you have some essential startup costs (initial medical procedures, leash, toys, carrier, etc)
2. Medical Costs – $250 – Annual check ups, heart worm medicine, flea + tick prevention, etc.
3. Food & Treats – $350 – A balanced diet is key to your dogs healthy life! Treats make for happy dog, happy owner.
4. Pet Insurance – $225 – Accidents don’t just happen with cars! Pet insurance is vital to a stress-free approach to your pets budget, and all-around well being.

Please keep in mind that these figures are based on an annual budget (with the exception of one-time startup costs) and will vary based on the size of your chosen furry friend. For a comprehensive breakdown of costs based on your pets size, see this ASPCA list. Additionally, the above figures are a baseline assessment of what you can expect to be spending. You should have some room in your budget to go the extra mile for your puppy pal. Consider…

Coconut Oil for Dogs

Yes, you read that right! The famous cure-all for humans is just as miracle-working for dogs! Integrating coconut oil for dogs into your pup’s healthcare regime can garner a host of benefits, such as:

  • Improved digestion
  • Boosting the immune system
  • healing cracked paws
  • healthier coat
  • And much more!

There are many ways in which to incorporate coconut oil into your dogs lifestyle. You can rub it directly on their skin, mix it with their dog food, or if you want a double-whammy of holistic healing, use this amazing CBD-Infused Coconut Oil for dogs! Speaking of CBD Oil.

CBD Oil for Dogs

Like Coconut Oil, CBD Oil is not just for humans anymore! Research has shown that CBD oil for dogs offers an impressive list of benefits for our four-legged friends such as:

  • aiding anxiety
  • easing pain
  • fighting and preventingcancer
  • improving overall health
  • and that is just the beginning!

With CBD oil for dogs rapidly growing in popularity, you have several options when it comes to introducing it into your pets health plan. There are a myriad of CBD Infused treats, Soft Chews, and Oils on the market. We recommend products from Honest Paws since they are non-GMO, all-natural, soy-free, and lab-tested.

In Conclusion

We all want the best, healthiest life for our dogs, and it is important to plan your finances accordingly. Remember, every penny spent on your furry friend it worth it’s weight in puppy kisses.

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