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How to Create a Perfect Writing Piece

There’s no person on the Earth who wouldn’t have to write a piece of writing during life. A perfect writing piece is a dream of everyone who studies at school or at a college. How do those brilliant students manage to cope with the writing task so easily? We’ll give you the guideline to creating a great piece of the text.

Plan the plot and the characters

Make up a plan that will be present in your text and what they will be doing there. Of course, you can start writing without planning, but you won’t make your text perfect. Your plan should contain the following:

  • Names, age, and occupation of the characters;
  • The connections between the characters;
  • The plot.

Nothing is too difficult here. Think of the appearance, the color of the eyes, voice tone, and intonation. You can also take a few tips from here. These tiny details will help you develop the characters and describe them for the readers.

Plan the main problem

Or plan several of them. If you write a novel where you will simply describe everyday workflow of the people, the readers will soon lose their interest. Think of a problem that all your characters could be connected to. It can be a natural disaster or a car accident. Or you can write about a serious illness. Think what can make people worry about the solution for the problem and read the story until the end to see it.

Write your first draft

Don’t make yourself suffer from nonstop writing. Write the draft and have some rest. If you decide to show someone your draft, get ready for a huge flow of critics. You need to read your draft carefully and do some editing first. Then take a pencil and cross out all unnecessary elements from your story. And don’t be lazy to rewrite some sentences or phrases if you don’t like them.

Know your reader

If you’re writing a fiction book, you can draw a portrait of your future reader. It can be a child if you are writing about some adventures or it can be anyone else. Think who your readers are and what they can expect from your book. If you’re writing a fairy tale, you can ask any mom you know to read it for their kids and get the feedback. The more you write the more you will know your readers. If you don’t plan to publish your texts, just think what can make you interested and excited. There’s nothing wrong if you borrow some ideas from other authors.

Add bright emotions

Don’t make your text plain. You should make your readers feel something. It can be from completely negative to positive and bright emotions. You can make them cry and you can make them laugh. Use descriptive sentences to write about a place or a situation. You can write about the past life of one of the characters to make readers shock. You can tell jokes or you can describe funny outfits of the main characters.

Use metaphors

Use metaphors to make your text richer. You can use them to describe actions and appearance of the characters is some situations. If you have no idea what it is, you can borrow some from the websites that you can find via Google. Using metaphors is like adding napalm to the fire that you want to burn forever. The comparison can make your text clear and concise for the readers, so try using it.

Love writing

If you don’t like it, you won’t succeed in it. You have to love it. What can you do to make yourself fall in love in writing? You should believe that you create something really unique and special not only for you but for the whole world around you. You don’t have to publish your texts, but you should know that you have done your best to create this very writing piece. You will feel happy by realizing that you have a talent to create a great story that people will fall in love with.

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