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Construction Workers: How To Avoid Injury Related Expenses

Construction workers eat danger for breakfast because of how risky their occupation is. Even when the employer ensures the safety and security of his workforce, the construction site is never fully safe and accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. Because of this, the workers themselves need to know and implement proper safety precautions to keep workplace hazards at bay.

As a construction worker, it is best to be aware of the safety standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) before starting a project on site. Basically, here are four of the things you should know to keep yourself safe at work:

Inspect your work areas.

The construction safety officer is generally tasked to do regular inspections of the construction site, but workers are advised to double-check areas themselves. As a worker, it is your imperative to check the scaffolds, which pose a huge risk of falls and injuries in the workplace. An incomplete scaffold is always a red flag and you should never work on it. Another important tool in construction is the ladders. A single wobbly step can mean a possible injury, which is all the more reason to check every ladder on site.

Be cautious with using equipment.

Aside from site areas, construction equipment should also be checked for wear and tear prior to using them. When using them, make sure that you are abiding by the safety precautions set for that specific equipment. If you are not familiar enough on how to use a certain tool, ask a co-worker or the site supervisor for help instead of trying to figure it out on your own. When it comes to electrical equipment, such as drills or grinders, make sure that they are always away from water.

It is to be expected that construction workers are to be trained in using construction tools and equipment before they are assigned to the job. Moreover, they may take a hair drug test prior to taking on the job to ensure that they have a clear mind in doing their job.

Attend trainings and coaching.

There is a great need for workers to be aware of their job, its specific tasks, and all the other technicalities required of their occupation. With this, construction workers are required to attend training and seminars regarding such matters. If everyone on site completes the OSHA 30, you can be confident that they all have the basic safety knowledge needed to operate in a safe environment. More importantly, these trainings are medium for workers to be aware of fall hazards in their workplace. Falls lead in the list of fatality causes in construction, which is why it is essential that employees recognize such hazards and practice measures to prevent them.

Always wear PPE.

It is a requirement by OSHA for workers to always wear the standard Personal Protective and Life Saving Equipment on site. Such equipment helps protect the face and eye from debris or gasses that may cause harm. As a construction worker, you need to ensure that such protection equipment do not get in the way of your movement and fit your face just right. Also make sure that you pass a hair drug test before accepting the job to ensure your safety and that of your workmates.

Always remember that your safety is first in every job you take. It’s not just your employer’s responsibility but yours as well.

Omer Cetin