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Checklist: Home Care for Elderly Parents and Seniors

Do your elderly parents live with you? Are they sick? As they age, their health deteriorates and they become more dependent on others. Thus, they require more assistance and help with their routine activities. How do you go about this?

Give them the love and care that they deserve. Support them in their daily activities and let them know they have your back. Sounds difficult or demanding? Not really. Research has shown that fewer and fewer Australians are now considering senior residential facilities, and instead, are choosing to live in their own homes. If they can do it, so can your parents. Here is a home elderly care checklist that should help you out.

Identify tasks for yourself

Which tasks would you have to perform when taking care of your sick and/or old parents? For instance, you may have to help them with meals, in which case, you’d have to ensure that you are following the doctor’s suggested nutrition plan. You may have to help with medicines, and would then have to ensure that your parents take all medicines in the right quantities and at the right time.

Are your parents at a risk for fall?

If your parents are at a risk for fall, then you would have to set up your home so as to minimise the risk of slips, trips and falls. There should be no uncovered or cluttered cables around. Have enough space between furniture pieces so that your parents can comfortably move about. Get rid of lose rugs on the floor. Install hand rails on both sides of the stairs.

Fix grab bars near the toilet seat and in the showering area. Ensure that the height of toilet seat is appropriate or can be adjusted. Keep all medicines at a reachable height. TripSafe has a wide range of products that can help you prevent falls in your home.

See if your parents need supporting products or devices

Is your parents’ mobility limited or requires assistance? Do they need any kind of support with walking about? If so, then make sure that you buy them walking canes, walkers and other mobility aids. You may also need to invest in recliner beds, mattresses that prevent bedsores, wheelchairs and other similar products. Patient Handling has several elderly aids for the bedroom, bathroom and patient care.

Get professional support

If you lead a busy life or if your parents are too sick, then you may want to consider professional healthcare services which you can avail at your home. These can help you fill the gaps with your own care giving efforts, and thereby improve life quality for your parents. See which services are available in your areas, and then find out if you can get coverage.

Ensure hygiene

Hygiene is important. So, help your loved ones with clipping their nails, bathing, getting dressed, using the toilet, oral care and other essential personal care tasks.

Get your parents checked up regularly

Set up a general check-up schedule with your doctor, and then follow it to monitor health and identify issues earlier on.

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