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High-quality blades at a low cost

Razors are an important part of men’s grooming, it is a quintessential element that ensures a clean and sharp look for men at all times. However, there are concerns about the rising cost of razors. Many buyers are on the lookout for high-quality razors at a low price but that is hard to find. The cartridges bag a huge price even though its cost of manufacture is much lower. Consumers are concerned about the reason behind the excessive pricing of the cartridge which is almost thrice the cost of manufacture.

What is the reason behind the high cost of cartridges?

The reason behind the same is the cost of marketing incurred by the company. There are only a couple of brands that dominate the men’s grooming industry and men tend to stick to one brand for many years to come. If the razor is performing well, they find no need to move to a different brand. Hence, the brands have built a monopoly in the industry and they convince you that they are the ones that supply finest quality razors. Since the cost of manufacture of a cartridge is very low, they can spend a substantial amount in marketing their products. The few select brands have built a monopoly in the market and they are free to charge any price they wish for. Sometimes the prices rise by 25% while sometimes they offer a lesser number of cartridges at the same cost. What you paid for five cartridges is now what you pay for four. It is a subtle method of rising prices. You might not notice it because the price for the cartridges remains the same while the number of cartridges available for the amount reduces. This means you are paying more for the same cartridges.

An ideal alternative to the expensive cartridges is offered by The Bearded Colonel, keeping the importance of male grooming in mind, they offer high quality razors for regular use. These razors are available at a cost which is significantly low as compared to that of the top brands in the industry. You will now be paying a low amount for the same quality and performance. With the changing trends in men’s fashion, it is important to remain updated with the latest styles and to follow grooming rituals. These blades are sourced from a 90 year old German factory that makes high quality razors for barbers in the country. Although the cost of manufacture of the blade is much higher, it is sold at a much lower rate to the consumers. They also offer delivery of fresh razors so that you do not have to use an old razor for a long period of time. You can enjoy a quick shave with quality blades that are delivered to your doorstep.

With these high-quality blades, you get exactly what you have paid for. You are not paying for the marketing budget of the company, you are only paying for the blade that offers excellent results and is easy to use.

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