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Guide To Maintaining A Car Vacuum Cleaner

There are many things that you can do in order to maintain your car vacuum as best performance. Do you know what those things are? Keep on reading to know more.

1. Make sure the filter is properly attached

So many brands actually filter bags that are quite tricky to attach. Especially if you are a first-time owner, you will have problem in attaching your filter bag.

Always make sure that the opening of the bag is on the nozzle. If there are hooks, holders, or clips, check them as well.

One thing that you can do to know if your bag is attached or not is to check whether the debris entering the bag or not. A solution to is this check your device thoroughly before turning it on.

Also, remember to use the correct filter bag. If you are using the wrong model, this may be the reason why the bag is not fitting. What you can do is to read the manual book to know which model is your filter bag.

2. Empty the filter bag regularly

One the most basic thing that you can do is to replace the bag frequently. Empty it when the bag is 2/3 full. And, do not empty it when it is packed with dirt. Empty it regularly so that your machine can work at its best condition.

Of course, there are many signs to tell if your filter bag is fully packed. You can first of check the debris coming out. Most of the time, clean car vacuums will not have any debris coming out while cleaning. So, in case, you notice any sign of debris that isn’t supposed to be there before, it is time to empty your bag.

Another sign is to check the consistency of your vacuum. When your vacuum does not run as strong as it normally is, replaces the filter bag immediately.

3. Clean the attached filter

Empty the filter bag is one thing but you should remember to clean them as well. Some filters are washable and some are not. So make sure to read the instruction and know your vacuum well or else you may damage it. If your filter is not the washable type, you should use your fingers to remove all the excess and the dirt. In case that your fingers cannot reach every corner of the bag, use a stick or something to help take it out easier.

4. Clean the brush head

Do not forget about the brush head of your car vacuum. The reason why you should do this is because it helps keep your vacuum at maximum performance. Surely, over time, certain items will be wrapped around the roll. This includes pet hair, string, floss, etc. You can either use your hands or use water to clean it. Though cleaning it with water may be more sanitary and more effective.

5. Be careful with liquid

It is best to use paper or towel to deal with liquid in your car. Not many models of car vacuums can actually absorb water and feature water suction. Though even the best car vacuum have this feature, it is still not recommended to do so. It may lower the lifespan of your device, as well as, damaging the inside of your device like the main bard, etc.

6. In case of malfunction

If you ever experience a malfunction with your car vacuum, either bring it to the nearest physician or contact the manufacturers. Most reliable brands these days have their own websites featuring all the common troubleshoot of their devices, so make sure to check that. You can also fix your device at home, given that you know what you are doing. I actually wrote an article about it, so you can check it out if you want.

There you have it, that is my advice on how to keep your car vacuum at best performance. I hope you find it useful and informative. Remember that these are just tips. And they come from my personal experiences so it is understandable if you disagree with me on some aspects. Like always, stay tuned my readers.

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