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Great Audi Car Features in Last 10 Years

In the past decade Audi has stepped up as a premium, luxury brand alongside Mercedes and BMW and it’s not just down to the signature style and innovative engineering which defines all of their models – it’s all of the exciting features which come with owning an Audi.

Many of the features developed have been to improve safety; however in the most recent models the technology has been used to help improve the whole driving experience by ensuring passengers can remain internet-connected with access to social media and other programs throughout the journey.

From airbags to internet, from built-in sat nav to light sensitive windows, Audi has created some amazing systems and technologies for its cars, which is why it is one of the most successful luxury car brands out there. This post may have you running for the forecourts to buy a second hand Audi of your own.

Here are some of the key features developed in the past 10 years:

Driver assistance features

Audi offers a suite of driver assistance systems which help to give the driver information about their surroundings to help improve safety and awareness. Technologies including cruise control, lane assistance and side assistance help to keep Audi cars high up on the safety scales.

Four-wheel drive

The Audi Quattro® is their own all-wheel drive system which helps to spread the power to the wheels which need it the most – this helps to improve driver control in any situation, helping to enhance performance.

Roadside Assistance

Audi offers its own Roadside Assistance scheme for owners, offering a peace of mind for all drivers, knowing that a flat tyre or engine problem will be dealt with any time of day or night.

Safety features

Audi has long been recognised in crash test results for the safety features included in the models from the past decade.


Audi’s airbags are standard on every model and the technology takes into account information about the driver and passengers to help minimise impact.

Audi Connect infotainment

This is a set of technologies which allow drivers and passengers to connect across the internet and their Audi car. It has innovative entertainment and information functions which take driving enjoyment to the next level.

Internet services

With the Connect system you can get WiFi connections in the car as well as the ability to connect with internet services such as social media, text messaging and information systems. You can also stream music, making it easier to stay entertained on the road.

Audi Connect navigation

The system also works with the car’s navigation system with warnings about traffic, directions to help you avoid jams, details about the nearest petrol station. You will never be late for work, or sat in Bank Holiday traffic again thanks to this nifty piece of motoring technology.

LED Headlights

Newer models feature LED headlights which combine together to light up the road in one clear spotlight, creating that unique Audi look while at the same time helping to improve the night time driving experience.

Personalisation options

Options to personalise the interior trim and leather for your new Audi are one of the features introduced in the past decade, making your Audi experience completely unique and ensuring your car is one of a kind.

Built-in voice command

With the ban on using handheld mobile phones in force now, Audi created built-in voice command so that drivers can stay within the law while still staying connected to clients and customers while out on the road.

Over the years Audi has developed a solid reputation for bringing prestige sports cars, premium luxury executive cars and stylish family saloons. While the sleek lines and unique designs make them stand out on the roadside, it’s the interiors which tell the unique Audi story.

Technological features in the past decade have helped to improve safety, including all of the driver assistance packages, intelligent airbags and collision prevention systems which have resulted in Audi models scoring incredibly well on all of the crash tests.

While for longer journeys with passengers, the German brand has come up with innovative ways to make sure they driving experience is fun for everyone – with internet, music and phone systems all safely and legally installed as part of the car.

It has become easier than ever to avoid traffic jams and problems roads thanks to the in-car navigation and information systems and all of these technologies add to the unique look of the Audi interior.

From choosing the trim, to selecting the information and entertainment systems, you can be sure that driving your Audi will be a unique and fun experience, thanks to all of the extra features which come as standard with this brand.

We are waiting with bated breath to see what kind of technologies and benefits they will come up with in the next decade.

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