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Getting the Best Out Of Your Stockbroker

Stock trading is one of the most lucrative industries with some of the highest returns. The deal is made even better by the fact that you don’t have to worry about time, educational qualifications or large capital for investment. In addition, you can always choose to work either part time or full time. Like any other business endeavour, however, stock trading has its own risks and the possibility of incurring losses.

A few years ago, stock broking and stock trading was an easy enough business. Developments in technology are, however, edging away the traditional ways of going about it and ushering in a new era and new trends. Already large stockbroking companies such as CMC markets have embraced technology and gone online, opening up new avenues for clients. While all this has made stock trading as easy as a click, you should consider a few words of advice before investing in stock trading.


Engage Your Stockbroker in Realistic Conversation

Trading in stocks can be tricky for a new entrant. To be on the safe side, the best step to take is talking to your stockbroker. Most of them are experienced enough to offer a helpful guide on the best steps to take in avoiding any mistakes and traps which usually go unseen by first time stock traders.

Your stockbroker will help you determine whether your investment should be short or long term. In addition, you’ll be able to weigh the risks involved against opportunities, both the available and future ones. You should also get help in crafting an exit plan or advice on what to do if anything goes wrong or in case you want to pull out of the market.


Have a Clear Goal for your Investment in Mind

While unfortunate, it’s true that many people take a deep plunge in stock trading without knowing what they want out of it. Worse, some of them are not determined to make any money out of their investment. Just as in any other business, you are likely to run into deep trouble if you don’t have a well thought-out plan on making profits from stock trading. Remember, the stock market demands respect from everyone operating in it—one mistake and you are counting huge losses.


Get a Managed Discretionary Account

Putting your funds in a managed discretionary account is likely do you more good than harm. It will enable your stockbroker to trade for you whenever an opportunity arises and the circumstances and available time to get in touch with you does not allow it. Keep in mind that it is your stockbroker’s job to search the market for any opportunity that will go in line with your portfolio’s holdings.


Get as Many Helpful Resources as Possible

When it comes to stock trading, a good insight and up-to-date information on the market cannot be overlooked. There are lots of helpful material on the internet and social media where you can get recommendations and expert advice on investment in shares. You can also sign up for emails with your stock broker on the latest developments, trends and opportunities in the market.


Use the Phone to Get Latest Information

One of the easiest and most efficient ways of getting information on the performance of the stocks in your portfolio is calling the relevant people. Remember, your stockbroker may have so many clients that you may soon be out of his or her mind. It pays to keep up an active engagement with your broker and express your interest in the on-goings in the market. The best way to do it is giving him or her a call more than once in awhile.


Work Hand-in-Hand with Your Stockbroker

In order to make money, there are important decisions to be made and a crucial investigative process to be carried out. More often than not, a collaboration with a stockbroker yields better results than going it alone. In addition, you’ll learn a lot along the way, which will greatly help in your future decision making.



Most people make the mistake of overlooking the importance of a stockbroker in their stock trading. They make their own calls after doing little or no research about the market they have invested in, thinking that all you have to do is setting and forgetting everything. Remember, engaging a stockbroker is one of the surest way of minimising the risks of losing your investment while increasing the chances of making huge profits.

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