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How to Get the IP Address in Linux System

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Knowing how to get your IP address is highly useful, especially in networking. This is the reason why you should be able to get your IP address regardless of the system you are using. One of the most commonly used operating system is called Linux. Although this system is highly popular, not many people are familiar with their way around it. To give you an idea how you can navigate this system and to get your IP address, here are some options;

Option 1: Through the Use of Terminal Command

• To get your IP address using a terminal command, you must open your Linux-based computer terminal. The”terminal” can be found on your computer’s list of applications.

• Key in ip addr show and click enter. Details of all the ethernet devices connected on the same network will automatically be displayed.

• The IP address of every device is usually preceded by the word “inet”. The primary ethernet address or “eth0” pertains to your IP address. To view your IP address separately, key in ip addr show eth0

Option 2: Through Ubuntu Interface

• To get your IP address using Ubuntu interface, look for the network icon located in the notification area. The notification area is situated at the top right corner of your screen.

• In case you cannot find the network icon in the notification area, right click on the notification area itself and select the Add Panel option. Select Network Manager from Add Panel. The network icon will then appear in the notification area and you can follow the next set of steps below.

• Aside from the step provided above, you may also access the Linux System menu to get your IP address. Use this option in case the first two steps above fail to work. Select Administration from the System menu, and then select Network Tools. Click on your network device from the drop down menu of the Network Tools. In case you are not familiar with the name of your device, click on the Ethernet Interface eth0. This should display your computer’s IP address.

• Select Connection Information from the network icon’s drop down menu.

• A Connection Information screen will then appear. Look for the IP Address.

Option 3: Through Unix Terminal Command

• Open ‘terminal’ from the list of applications on your computer or simply search for terminal.

• Once the terminal window opens, key in this command /sbin/ifconfig . The command will automatically open a window containing details about your network information.

• For computer users running on other Unix systems such as Solaris, you might want to key in /sbin/ifconfig –a instead, so you can view the information of all the other devices in your network.

• In case you get an error message using any of the commands above, try using sudo /sbin/ifconfig command instead. This command is for computer users with limited access.

• If you want to isolate the IP address information, you may key in /sbin/ifconfig | grep ‘inet addr:’ command. This command will automatically limit the information that you’ll receive to IP addresses only.

The details provided above are just some of the methods that you can employ to retrieve your IP address from a Linux computer.

Omer Cetin