Germany will assign $6.6 billion for refugee integration

Germany will assign $6.6 billion for refugee integration

We are witnessing the biggest migration Europe have ever seen since World War II, and,if this problem isn’t solved properly, Europe will embrace instability, religious and political, in no time. Thousands of immigrants are arriving every day, risking everything, facing death, hopping for a better life.

Germany is willing to cooperate

With this matter in mind, Germany has announced that will spend around $6.6 billion to cope with 800,000 immigrants expected to have crossed into the country by the end of 2015 and even consider a refugee integration program, said the government on Monday, according to NBC News.

Germany and Austria opened their borders to all the refugees that are looking for a new home, after Hungary let the human tide move on.They were held in Budapest train station for days, in extreme conditions: no drinking water and ham sandwiches (considering that they are Muslims, not a good idea).

refugee integration hungary

“We had to give a strong signal of humanity to show that Europe’s values are valid also in difficult times. Hungary’s handling of the crisis is unbearable”, said Germany’s Secretary-General Yasmin Fahimi.

In these two countries, people welcomed immigrants and are trying to start refugee integration, in a very strange contrast with the way they were treated in Hungary.

UK and France join the party

Also on Monday, British prime minister David Cameron said the U.K. will take 20,000 refugees from Syria over the next five years, while France, through the voice of president Francois Hollande, said that 24,000 immigrants will be welcomed over next two years.

Will this amount, $6.6 billion, be enough for the authorities to start the refugee integration process? Or will we have over 800,000 unemployees over the next few years? In this second case, Germany and Europe should have a backup plan, because people that are fighting for surviving can be persuaded for other causes, not noble ones.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you agree with your country’s government starting a similar refugee integration process?


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