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Fun-filled and original weekend activities for bored single ladies

Learn how to advantageously spend your free time once the trivial weekend to-do list is checked out. These activities will brighten monotonous life that you are used to when living locked in your bubble.

Tired of routine housework and boring pastime at weekends? Step in, dare to break out of routine and try something new. If you already have your next weekend planned out, yet none of it excites you, look through these ideas and pick the one you feel like will help you spend quality time.

First things first, change your attitude towards what you think is a suitable leisure activity for someone who is single. It seems like a common problem that single women tend to saddle themselves with loads of household duties or to take on a hobby that is mostly indoor-based and requires little to no social interaction. While some ladies genuinely enjoy those things, for others it is really simply a substitute of their real desires.

If you find yourself in the above description, you might want to go through the following bullet-point list and take an action:

  • Do not lie to yourself that you have no extra time for doing things that you genuinely enjoy.
  • Make an effort to get out of your comfort zone and have space for rewarding yourself.
  • Consider the following tips or browse to find new ideas for entertainment.
  • Grab a pencil and write down the ones you like best.

Without further ado, here is how you can spend some quality time alone on your day off:

  • Treat yourself to some luxury. Visit a spa salon or do some in-home spa. Sauna, massage, facials and body masks will make you feel like a queen. Nothing is more relaxing than a hot bath with soap bubbles and aroma candles around. Do not devote precious time to making your silverware perfectly clean, but rather compliment your body, skin and hair with luxe personal care lotions, shampoos, and creams.
  • Host a theme food dinner for friends or go on a picnic to explore around. It is especially important that you cook something completely different or even extravagant. New tastes equal new emotions! Explore the neighborhood you have never been to before, and chances are you will find new friends or even a date!
  • Experience something new by switching homes with your friends, relatives or next-door neighbors. While it might sound a bit extreme, changing familiar setting is proved to be very refreshing. Isn’t that interesting to try being in someone else’s shoes? No doubt you’ll have an unforgettable time!
  • A hiking tour is a great idea for those who are tired of constantly being trapped inside. The amount of benefits of being outside is endless. Sometimes breaking free and going on a two-day hike with a couple of your close fellows can be extremely healthy for your mental state. Nature, fitness, real-life communication, food on a fire, and many new memories — what an amazing opportunity to break from the internet bonds, isn’t it?
  • Attend a city event that you would normally not attend. That being, the punk concert, feminist meeting, product presentation, or Riverdance club. Like it or not, you will surely forget about everyday minutiae and old familiar faces.
  • Volunteer. Nothing else can make you feel helpful than community service. Do something good to those in need and you will be rewarded with the warmest thanks. Once again, it is a great chance to learn new things and get inspired.
  • If you do not have children, try babysitting. Visit a local animal shelter. Organize a giveaway of the stuff you do not need anymore. Do it for charity.

These are truly unique ideas for your weekends! Try them and have fun! Visit for other brilliant tips on living an interesting and fulfilling life.

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