Good deeds don't go unnoticed: Free Domino's pizza for a man who returns $1,300

Good deeds don’t go unnoticed: Free Domino’s pizza for a man who returns $1,300

Domino's Pizza

According to ABC 7, Mike Vegas, a man living in Berkeley, California, was rewarded with free Domino’s pizza for a year after he gave back $1,300 misplaced money to a delivery boy.

Vegas wanted to relax, so he ordered pizza and some wings from Domino’s Pizza.“I thought I was going to have the day off”, Vegas told the local news. But his plans were interrupted by a call from work. While he was doing his job, our hero’s phone began ringing and text messages flooded his screen.

Saving one’s job pays off

It turned out that the delivery boy made a huge mistake and gave him a wrong wings box: the one with $1,300 in it, put away before the driver made his final stop of the night. Put in front of a big decision, Vegas made the right call and returned the money, saving the delivery boy’s job. As a reward, Domino’s Pizza General Manager, Zia Mumtaz, seeing such a honest man, decided to give Vegas a year’s worth of free Domino’s pizza.

man returns 1300 to dominos delivery boy

But our hero’s “struggle” wasn’t a piece of cake. He called for his friends on Facebook to help him make a decision. And while most of their responses were clearly, take the money and run, Vegas thought that he wants a place in Heaven and decided to return the cash. Little did he know that he was also going to receive more free Domino’s pizza thank he can think.

Facebook, the place for final decisions

“I wrote a Facebook post and of course there’s a long list of people arguing you should keep it, you shouldn’t keep it,you should keep it, you shouldn’t keep it.”, said Vegas. “I wanted to keep it, believe me. But I can’t, I can’t do that.” Surely Mr. Vegas deserves a thumbs up and, why not, free Domino’s pizza for a year. After all, it seems that there is still hope for mankind.


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