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First Amazon book store opens in Seattle

amazon book store seattle

If anybody mentions “looking for a book on Amazon”, you will most likely think at browsing the retailer’s website for the desired title. Still, starting with this week, the expression will have another meaning, as the first Amazon book store opened its gates in Seattle, WA, according to NPR.

This is the first Amazon physical store in the world, as the retailer, whose website went live 20 years ago, is looking forward to remembering people the pleasure of reading an actual book, instead of enjoying it in its electronic format.

You can buy the best titles, at the same prices

Most titles in the Amazon bookstore are the ones that received very good reviews online, while the prices will remain unchanged.

“These are fantastic books! Most have been rated 4 stars or above, and many are award winners,” said Amazon Books vice president Jennifer Cast, announcing today’s opening.

The same source mentioned that the Amazon book store is conveniently placed in a shopping center on the edge of University of Washington’s campus, so students and not only can easily reach it. Still, unlike stores belonging to one of Amazon’s competitors, Barnes & Noble, it won’t be that big.

Not your regular book store

Measuring around 5500 square feet, the Amazon book store won’t be your average place, though. Just like in an Apple Store, the customers will be able to test some of the retailer’s well know devices, like the Kindle line-up (both e-readers and tablet), Fire TV and the Echo controller.

The store is just one step forward, part of Amazon’s plan of focusing as much as possible on the offline. Earlier this year, they released the Home Services business, offering various services, like cleaning, painting and many more.

Finally, the Amazon book store will be opened most of the time, except Thanksgiving and Christmas days.


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