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How to Find Your Lost Android Phone Using Google Search

Do you often misplace your Android mobile phone? Are you worried of a time that you wouldn’t be able to find your device again? Or, do you simply want to avoid all the stress and frustration that you’d most likely get by losing your Android device? Well, here’s some good news for you – Google has made it even quicker and simpler for you to find your Android phone!

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A little-known method now allows you to use Google Search to find your Android phone. Whether you lose it inside your house, in your car or out there in the wild – All you need to locate your phone is to use a PC, a Mac OSX computer, an iOS phone, an Android tablet or just about any other device that can give you access to Google Search.

However, there are a few things that you need to do to your Android phone for this to work. These are:

• Download and install the Google App in your Android phone if you haven’t done this yet. Then, log into Google using the account that you use in your Android phone; and

• Enable Google Now cards, notifications and Web & App activity through the settings panel of your Google App and Android phone. Also, select the “High accuracy” mode in the location reporting function of your Google App and Android phone.

As soon as you’ve done those things, you’ll be able to use Google Search whenever you lose your Android phone. Here’s how:

How to Use Google Search to Find Your Android Phone

1. Go to Google using the Web browser of other devices like a PC, a Mac OSX computer, an iOS device, another Android phone and so on;

2. Log into Google using the same account that you use in your Android phone;

3. Enter “find my phone” in the Google Search box; and

4. Wait for a few seconds. Google will then display a map that points out the possible location of your Android phone.

You can also ring your Android phone so you can track down its specific location, which is quite useful if you lose it inside your house or your car. Just follow the same steps above. Then, click the Ring icon or link in the map. Your phone will then ring for the next 5 minutes or so in full volume. When you find your Android phone, simply power it off to stop it from ringing.

This also works with Android tablets. Just make sure to do the same things mentioned earlier in your Android device. Then, follow the steps above to ring your Android tablet when you lose it.

Another option is to use the Android Device Manager app. Aside from being able to help you find and ring your Android device, this app can also allow you to lock your Android device remotely, or reset your password and also delete all sensitive data in your Android phone or tablet.

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