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Faraday Future’s electric concept car can make Tesla shake

One of the most important tech events of the year, CES 2016, just opened its gates for visitors, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The first day of the show already managed to impress us, as one of the most interesting concept cars we’ve seen was unveiled by Faraday Future, a company about which we barely know something.

Going by the name of FF Zero 1 Concept, it will definitely remind a lot of you about the Batmobile, even though it has some elements previously seen at models like the Porsche 919 Hybrid, as USA Today states.

The idea behind the concept is pure genius!

Of course, the folks over Faraday Future didn’t want to make a family-friendly car, but to showcase the modular design, based on the Variable Form Architecture. The latter enables manufacturers to build multiple body styles using the same chassis, which could be a big plus for the market.

The FF Zero 1 Concept also wants to revolutionize the electric car market, thanks to the battery-pack system that can continue operating even if one unit fails. We’re very curious to hear what Tesla’s Elon Musk has to say about this.

Currently, Faraday Future has everything needed to take the car into production, but their mission is much more complex.

A company looking forward to following Apple’s path

“Apple didn’t just transform the phone, they transformed the way we lived our lives, and we want to do that, too,” Nick Sampson, Faraday Future product architect, said. “We are embarking on nothing less than a complete rethink of what mobility means.”

Faraday Future has been launched 18 months ago and it’s based in Los Angeles, California. currently, the team has 750 members, many of them being former Tesla, BMW or Apple employees. The company’s main purpose is to build the most connected car on the market.