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Emerging SEO Trends in 2018

Did your e-commerce website manage to get top ranks in search engines this year? Is your website generating enough revenue and traffic? If by any means, your answer is No, it’s high time to modernize your SEO tactics. While it is nearly impossible to crack Google’s ever-changing algorithm to rank pages, you still need to be on top of your game. Make your website rank high and drive traffic by adopting these SEO trends right now.

Mobile SEO

There is hardly any business which has not been affected by smartphones. With shrinking bezels and increasing display size in new age bezel-less smartphones, mobile optimization is the way forward. It is highly recommended to optimize your website according to a visitor’s mobile device to provide the best user interface. According to statistics, 52% of all traffic comes from mobile devices or tablets.

In fact, being mobile friendly is now considered a search ranking factor. Google has started rolling out mobile-first indexing. Google will provide rankings based on how mobile-friendly and well displayed your website on a smartphone is. Websites which are poorly maintained on mobile versions as compared to desktop version will definitely suffer a loss. Now there is no reason for you to be ignoring Mobile SEO in 2018.

Google apparently has made it quite easy regarding the concern of mobile-version of websites. You can take Google’s mobile-friendly test and check for errors and fix them

Increase in SERP features

It is not that hard for your website to get lost in the clutter when you access SERP in today’s date and time. Just enter one keyword and the results are flooded with pictures, news, videos, dictionary, snippets advertisements, just to name a few. Under this scenario, a mere emphasis on keyword and key phrase optimization just isn’t enough. You need to lay stress on several other features such as AdWords, google shopping, reviews, tweets, image pack, site links, etc. Your safest bet is to hire experts. Consider hiring an ecommerce agency which is fully focused on increasing your business’s market shares and revenues by embracing digital marketing.

Voice Search Optimization

Everyone wants a better result in less time so why bother typing when you can just speak out of convenience. With more and more voice algorithm updates coming in, voice search optimization is something to look out for. You would need to go beyond simple keyword research as the focus is shifting from typing to speaking. People will always desire quick results without experiencing the hassle of typing.

Voice search plays a major role in smart speakers which have skyrocketed the market this year. Major brands have created voice search assistants such as Samsung’s Bitsby, Windows 10 Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa. This goes ahead and proves that people have adapted to voice search.

If you want to rank, try focusing more on phrases that people use while having a conversation. You need to come up with a query that your target audience may have and then convey the answer. Try using suffixes such as best, nearest and top when targeting long term keywords.

Faster Page Speed

As per a report published in searchenlineland.com, page speed will be a new ranking factor for mobile SEO. This will be applicable from July 2018 onwards. All your SEO efforts can go in vain if your webpage doesn’t load at a rapid pace. Make any visitor wait for over 6 seconds, he is sure to abandon your page, no matter how rich quality content you have.

According to Hostingfacts, An increase in site speed from 8 to 2-second results in a 74% conversion rate. As per Google, your loading page should not take more than 3 seconds. In case you are struggling with lower pagespeed, these might be some of the issues.

  • Server Hosting – You might actually be paying for low page speed. Always pick a hosting plan that suits your business size.
  • Heavy Images – Images which are too large than the recommended size can lower the page speed. Prefer PNG or JPEG for images which do not require high details.
  • Advertisements – Too many advertisements might not only be bothering your visitors but also be a cause for your lower page speed
  • Widgets/plugins – Too many plugins or widgets can also penalize your loading speed

CONCLUSION – You can get plenty of advice for your e-commerce business. Whichever SEO strategy you implement, you need to accurately measure the result and compare it with other SEO tactics. Be sure to follow the above-mentioned SEO trends as the digital world is always changing.

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