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Effective and Natural Remedies For Arthritis

Arthritis can be incredibly painful and affects over 25 million Americans daily. It occurs when the cartilage against the joint is worn down, and bones begin to rub against one another. It can be further exacerbated by the presence of inflammation, which can be caused by a myriad of factors. However, there are many different types of remedies that those who experience the discomfort and pain of arthritis can turn to. Here are some natural ways you can combat the presence of arthritis without things like dangerous, habit-forming medication and costly surgeries.

Maintain a healthy weight

This can be a challenging endeavor as many individuals struggle with their weight for one reason or another. But when you are carrying around extra pounds, your joints are taking on more stress and pressure than they would otherwise. This further compounds the problem. It’s also imperative to realize that the poundage counts differently on your knees and ankles. For every point you lose, you’re taking four pounds worth of pressure off of your knees. That starts to add up quickly and can make a real difference. Many people who do lose 10-20 pounds actually can tell the difference in their arthritis, some sufferers say their pain disappears completely.


This method of treatment dates back eons and has been used traditionally in Chinese medicine. The use of microscopic needles on specific pressure points around the joint has been known to provide necessary and appreciated relief. In fact, there have even been research trails that found acupuncture to be helpful to some individuals. If you are worried about the needle aspect, don’t be. Even those who have an aversion to the thought of needles have been able to successfully go through this method of treatment. The needles are so tiny you barely even feel them as they are used on the aching joints.


Another option that may seem a bit scary at first, but in fact, the use of electricity to soothe and ease pain is incredibly useful. This type of electricity is used at low frequencies and doesn’t cause discomfort to the patient. Electrical currents can help to mitigate the swelling and pain that accompanies the presence of arthritis. A TENS machine is a practical, handheld unit that allows you to treat the affected joint at home by placing small electrodes around the join and delivering low pulses to the skin. This type of treatment can not only center around the pain but ease pressure as well. Many people use these kind of units as massagers for that very reason. If the arthritis is in your fingers or wrists, try wearing compression gloves designed by medical professionals.

Take Turmeric

One of the most common natural options that is continually recommended to those who suffer from arthritis is to incorporate turmeric into their diets. It’s important to note that not all turmeric is created equal but the high grade, powerful yellow spice that has been traditionally used in curry dishes has fantastic anti-inflammatory properties. If you don’t prefer the taste of the spice, you can get it in capsule form and take it twice a day to help curb your internal inflammation and the pain that is caused in conjunction with it.

Clean up your diet

If you have poor diet habits, your arthritis will likely only get worse or more compounded. This is because what the body ingests and processes for fuel, must be digested and work well with your internal makeup. Junk has no beneficial value in your body, but it does potentially pose an issue. Processed foods and excess sugar only work against your body and can even trigger health problems. Inflammation in the body is primarily caused by a diet high in foods that the body is simply averse to – things like gluten, carbs, and sugar. Start to eat a cleaner, healthier diet with vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, and protein. Stay away from convenience store type food at all costs.

Massage Your Joints

Though they may be tender and sore, try massaging your joints. This can reduce stiffness and pain as well as increase your range of motion. Work over the area diligently, only applying more pressure when you can handle it, getting a professional massage is also an option. However, make sure to inform your masseuse of your arthritis beforehand.

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