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Drone registration is now mandatory in the U.S.

Drones are shortly becoming some of the most popular gadgets and, most likely, a lot of people received one this Christmas. Still, before taking it for a first flight, you should be aware of the fact that the Federal Aviation Administration is looking forward to implementing strict rules, through a drone registration program, in order to make the American airspace safe.

Not all drones should be registered, though

According to ABC Action News, this month, the FAA announced that owners who want to use their devices for personal use should enlist them in an online database. Still, not all of them are eligible, since the drone registration program targets only aircrafts with a weights between 8 ounces and 55 pounds.

FAA spokerperson Elizabeth Cory said that this database will make drone owners more accountable.

“Our concern is the safety of the nation’s airspace,” Cory said. “People want to enjoy these drones, these are fun toys, but there has to be a responsibility.”

In order to make owners consider the drone registration program, the FAA announced pretty serious fines, reaching even $27,500, while using it and leading to criminal penalties include fines of up to $250,000 and imprisonment for up to three years.

February 19, the deadline

The program will be implements in the upcoming weeks and users will have enough time until February 19 to complete the online registration form and pay the $5 fee. Also, those who complete this until January 20 won’t have to pay the fee.

The whole reason that lead to the drone registration program is the fact that it could interfere with plans landing and taking off. Therefore, all drone flights withing five miles of an airport need to be approved by local air traffic controllers in the U.S. Finally, we expect similar measures taken in way more countries in the near future.