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Don’t Settle for Anything But Tailor – Made Wraps for Your New iPhone

According to all of the reports coming out of San Francisco, the latest addition to the iPhone family is a fast, capable, and fun device. Its updates to the dual cameras with built-in zoom and optical image stabilization lets you snap the perfect pic, and its front-facing 7-megapixel FaceTime HD camera lets you reach your friends and family with crystal clarity. The battery life is extended despite its A10 Fusion processors working harder and faster. These improvements have advanced the iPhone into a whole new wrung of smartphone. You can’t expect to affix run-of-the-mill protective and fashion accessories to a phone like that. Forget cases — a skin is what you need.

Cases, though more popular, aren’t capable of offering the protection or style your 7 Plus needs. They’re made out of thick, inflexible pieces of plastic that add considerable mass to your phone. When covered by a case, the Plus 7 becomes more a phablet. In some cases, so much bulk is added it can make the phone downright unusable, as it beefs out the original dimensions until it’s difficult to hold in your hands. The last thing you want to do is drop the new (and expensive) smartphone on the ground because of an unlucky fumble.

A skin, on the other hand, offers all of the protection a case can but in a much smaller package. Manufacturers typically choose 3M vinyl as their material, which offers several benefits. First and foremost is its fit. The 3M vinyl used by manufacturers like dbrand has been processed to match the 7 Plus’ dimensions down to the micro-millimeter, while adding nothing more than a scant 0.23 millimeters to the overall mass. Its lightweight design means its thin addition will never interfere with how you hold it.

In fact, 3M vinyl will actually make the 7 Plus easier to hold because the vinyl used by dbrand offers additional grip against your fingertips. It also provides a dependable defence against such dangers like sharp objects and rough surfaces that could take a bite out of your beautiful new iPhone. iPhone 7 Plus skins are the perfect way to keep it mint, even while you throw it into your backpack where it can rub against books and keys.

But it’s not all about how vinyl can protect your phone. It’s also a fashionable addition to the latest generation. Take a look at the selection offered at and you’ll see an iPhone 7 Plus skin goes way beyond Apple’s stock 5 colors. You can customize the individual pieces that make up the skin, personalizing its looks to take on stark concrete, orange carbon fiber, or vibrant true purple. The choice is yours.

How the 7 Plus will measure up to the rest of 2016’s top smartphones remains to be seen, but you can probably bet on the fact that it will make most critics’ top 10 lists. When you have a piece of technology that advanced in your hand, you can’t settle for lackluster cases that do nothing for the phone’s design. Choose a tailor-made skin iPhone users trust. Get a 3M vinyl accessory.


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