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Digital Marketing – Getting In The Right Mindset For Growth

Digital marketing is a broad term that’s thrown around a lot, however, most people don’t really understand what it is and how to properly utilize this powerful tool for growth. Most businesspeople know they should invest in marketing efforts to build brand awareness, expand their reach, and various other reasons, but they don’t know where to start because they have only a vague idea of what it is. Let’s dispel the common misconceptions surrounding digital marketing, and then discuss how to determine if you’re spending your marketing budget wisely. Finally, we’ll explore the significance of finding an agency that offers services that pair well with your goals.

3 Common Misconceptions About Digital Marketing

Three of the most common misconceptions in digital marketing are that it’s practically impossible to decide where to start, your campaign is a failure if you don’t see a large increase in traffic, and it’s not worth it to invest because your competitors have too many resources. Let’s examine each misconception a little closer.

1. It’s too tough to pick a starting point for digital marketing: Yes, it’s true that digital marketing is a large field. But, it’s not too difficult to find a starting point. A savvy internet marketing firm knows how to analyze your website and prioritize action items based on needs. They will work with you to explore your options to meet your goals.

2. My campaign was a failure; I didn’t get the traffic boost I expected: Increasing traffic the right way is a long-term goal. Any one company that tells you otherwise is likely looking to serve their best interests rather than your own, and their plans may include using unsavory search engine tricks that could hurt you down the line. These companies often don’t last long. Elevated, a San Diego-based digital marketing company, uses the time-tested approach of keyword mapping and spending hours perfecting a website’s on-page SEO. This is not a unique approach; any reputable online marketing agency follows a similar game plan. This form of digital marketing produces consistent results, although it often takes time for large improvements. It’s also important to understand that with marketing of any kind, even time-tested approaches can sometimes fall flat. These should be used as learning experiences that help you better understand how your audience responds to make better adjustments going forward. A good digital marketing agency will work with you to understand how these “failures” (in your eyes) are actually blessings that guide you in the right direction.

3. I shouldn’t even invest in digital marketing, I can’t compete with big companies: Luckily, this is incorrect. One tactic big companies use is to focus their budgets on highly competitive keywords because they bring in the most money. There are other keyword targeting methods to consider as well, such as long-tail keywords. Large companies tend to not bother with these. Even with a small budget, you can target many long-tail keywords, and you’re likely to rank well for them in the search engines. Even better, long-tail keywords often have a higher conversion rate than many other keywords because they’re more specific. One thing to note is that no matter what you’re targeting, you must present relevant and high quality content to properly make use of your investments. Small companies can become big companies if you make the right investments and understand that things don’t happen overnight.

Are You Spending Your Budget Wisely? Coming off our last point, investing in digital marketing doesn’t always yield instant improvements. Unless you’re investing in paid advertising, you’re going to have to wait a while to see results. Getting useful data is extremely important in marketing. Even if you pay for a service and get great results, if you don’t know why you got the results, you won’t be able to replicate or expand on your success. Make sure the company you’re dealing with understands the importance of analytics and tracking data.

Finding the Right Agency Many marketing agencies offer a wide range of services, but with a small budget, it’s best to only focus on one or two areas of improvement at a time. Before chatting with a marketing agency, write down your goals and allocate a budget if there isn’t one already. Sharing your goals with the agency allows them to strategize the specific services you might need to improve your online marketing within the budget you can afford. Now that you know what separates fly-by-night companies from dependable agencies, you’re ready to begin your search. Remember, it’s not too difficult to start with digital marketing and you can grow your business even with a small budget. Make sure you bring up data and analytics while you’re deciding which company to hire and ensure your goals match up with what the marketing company can offer. Having the right mindset and knowing that it’s a long-term investment will help your company grow and thrive.

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