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Did Apple copy an app available for jailbroken phones?

Jailbreaking is one of the hottest topics, popular among iPhone users ever since the first models were launched, and Apple can’t do much about it, despite their efforts to make iOS as hard as possible to hack. Still, the funny part is that one of iOS 9.3 latest features, Night Shift, does pretty much the same thing as one of the apps available for jailbroken devices does.

Apple was aware of the competition coming from F.lux

According to Forbes, the feature which allows iOS users to alter the lighting on their devices to reduce the effects of blue light on the quality of their sleep, is inspired by F.lux. The latter is available just on jailbroken iPhones, even though it was previously available through side-loading, but Apple took care of this.

The Cupertino-based manufacturer contacted F.lux and asked them to cease and desist. Most likely because their new iOS 9.3 feature is doing the same thing, we’d say.

The principle behind F.lux’s app was that warming the light emitted by an iPhone, therefore lowering the amount of blue spectrum light it creates, you will enjoy a better sleep, fact confirmed by recent studies. Considering that a lot of people are using their phones before going to bed, this is a great addition to any device.

The amount of similarities is too high

As for Apple‘s implementation of the Night Shift feature, it has way too much similarities, allowing users to set specific lighting levels and apply them at different times.

Finally, there’s one big difference though, which makes us think that Apple did nothing else but copy F.lux’s app. The latter was released in 2012, while iOS 9.3, the software update which brings this feature to iPhones, just started rolling out. We’ll let you come with your own verdicts about this whole situation, even though it’s not pretty hard to guess who copied who.