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Dealing with the flu

You wake up one morning and try to stretch yourself but alas you feel aches all over your body,you try to open your eyes but your head hurts,you get out of bed and notice you have a runny nose and you are tired all these might just be symptoms of the flu.

The flu is caused by the influenza viruses A,B,C. It is respiratory related and can be contracted through coughing or sneezing or touching contaminated surfaces and transferring them to your nose or mouth. Type A and B are the viruses responsible for seasonal flu out breaks while Type C is gotten fro different animal.

Since the flu is respiratory related most of its symptoms have to do with the respiratory system. Sore throat, cough,runny nose. Other symptoms include chills,fatigue, fever as a result of the body combating the disease,dizziness, bloody eyes and warm skin

Most times people must have come in contact with the flu causing agent several days before the symptoms begin to show. Typically,the flu might last for a week or two but most of the pronounced symptoms reducing after 3-4 days. Though the cough and body weakness might last for a week.

These are tips and suggestions to treat flu.

  • In reducing the fever you can take aspirin. It also works to reduce the ssches in your muscles but remember to follow the recommended dosage.
  • To ease the cough,you can buy an over the counter cough syrup or try honey and warm water.
  • To ease the pain in your throat lozenges and vitamin C would help. Since the flu is fighting the body’s immune system take lots of oranges or put lime in warm water and gargle. It has been know to ease the pain.
  • Put menthol into a bowl of hot water and put your face downwards to it and breathe in the steam this will aid in the breathing.
  • Use mint to sooth your nose and throat.
  • Hot spicy soups also helps in driving the chills out of your bones.
  • Get plenty of rests.
  • Remember that over the counter drugs are not always full proof so read the labels carefully.
  • If symptoms persists see the doctor.

It is actually easier to prevent the flu than to spend an entire week laid down by it.

  • Wash your hands always and be careful of touching your nose and mouth with dirty hands especially after being in a crowded place like the elevator or market.
  • Get vaccinated.
  • Be careful while taking care of those of are sick of the flu.
  • Wash your hands after touching an animal.
  • Try to give your body a rest by sleeping.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • If your immune system is high you stand a better chance of not getting the flu so eat lots of fruits as they give your cells a fighting chance against the flu.
  • Get a hand sanitizer if you have to be in a crowded place all the time for instance the bus, subway, the train etc.
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