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Creating a Safe Workplace for Healthcare Workers

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and the Australian healthcare sector is no different. That being said, health care workers are prone to serious dangers from their workplaces and need to be kept safe from them. The incidence of infections and non-fatal accidents is high among healthcare workers compared to people of the other industries.

Why is That?

During the course of their work, healthcare workers may come in contact with blood borne pathogens, chemical and radioactive substances and even run the risk of needle stick incidents and back pain. Other than that, they may also suffer from workplace stress, face work environment assault and more.

It is in the nature of their job to handle different things than can potentially harm them, but that doesn’t mean measures can’t be taken to ensure their Safety and Mobility. The management at different healthcare institutions implement measures to make certain that the risk for healthcare workers is minimized at their workplace.

Having Proper Devices to Reduce Injuries

Healthcare workers sometimes suffer from musculoskeletal injuries when they are involved in lifting immobile patients and heavy objects in the course of their work. They may need to transfer these patients between rooms and wheelchairs. This is necessary, but it also puts an additional strain on their back.

The management should provide workers the option to use mechanical aids that helps them lift objects, instead of having to do so manually.

Protective Gear is a Must

Additionally, when handling patients, there can be different pathogens, germs and other dangerous organisms that may directly attack healthcare workers while they perform their duties. That is why it is absolutely crucial that the management emphasizes the use of and provides gloves, protective eye glasses, masks and scrubs etc. in order to protect them from these harmful organisms. Some of this protective gear is available at WorkwearHub.

Also, there are specific departments at a medical facility that needs to have different protective gear. For instance, if a healthcare worker is working with patients that carry highly infectious diseases, they may need high quality masks to protect them from those diseases. Similarly, workers handling laundry may need to have extra strength gloves to protect them from stray needles.

Regular Maintenance Checks

Management at a medical care facility needs to make sure to carry out regular maintenance checks. Anything from loose bed cranks to exposed wires on the ground as well as loose wheelchair casters can be a potential danger. Regular maintenance prevents things from escalating and keeps workers safe. Covering up exposed wires to make them Trip Safe is also a great way to go.

Encourage Workers to Operate in Teams

Last but not the least, working with someone of the same build as you can help you manage different tasks easily. Especially when handling patients who may have violent tendencies because of the diseases they are suffering from it can be a plus to have someone to protect you from physical assault.

The management should encourage workers to operate in teams and provide the necessary training required.

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