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How to Change the System Font of iOS 10 iPhone

Despite the continuous efforts of Apple to prevent people from jailbreaking their iPhone device, jailbreak application developers continue to keep moving forward. Creating an equivalent updated version of their own app to match every iOS update. And because jailbreaking is phone is legal, Apple can’t do anything about it except to keep patching up their iOS until they cover all the vulnerabilities of their system which will eventually make jailbreak application obsolete.

Many iPhone owners prefer to jailbreak their iPhone to gain more access to the device’s features. One of the primary things that you can do when you jailbreak your mobile device, is to customize the design or its user interface. This includes changing your iPhone’s system font.

To give you an idea how you can change the system font of your iPhone follow these instructions:

Step 1: Jailbreak Your iPhone

  • First you must create a backup of your device. This is so you can simply restore your iPhone in case there are any problems.
  • Download Cydia. Using the Safari Web browser of your iOS 10 device.
  • Go to
  • Once the page loads, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select the up arrow.
  • The up arrow should open the options screen where you can select the Add to Home Screen option.
  • The Add to Home screen will automatically appear. Tap on the Cydia icon to rename the app.
  • Once you’re done renaming the icon, select the Add button at top right corner.
  • A Cydia app icon will now be displayed on your screen. You click on this icon to get the most recent updates on iOS 10 jailbreak.

Step 2: Download and Install BytaFont

  • Open Cydia and search for BytaFont application.
  • Download the BytaFont application and install. Respring your iPhone device when instructed.
  • Once you install BytaFont on your device, the net step is to download your preferred fonts. You will need to manually do this process either through the Cydia application or directly from BytaFont.

Step 3: Using Your Preferred iPhone System Font

  • Click the BytaFont application.
  • Select Basic from the menu at the bottom of the screen.
  • A list of the fonts that you have downloaded will then be displayed. Note that some of the fonts that you have downloaded may not appear on the list due to compatibility issues. Select your preferred font from the list and respring your device as instructed.
  • After you respring your device, you’ll see that your preferred iPhone system font has been applied.

Aside from changing your iPhone’s system font there are other things that you can do after jailbreaking your device. This includes downloading and using live Home Screen or Lock Screen, modified SpringBoard, camera tweaks and more. So make sure to look around.

You must note that there are other ways that you can jailbreak your iPhone device. The jailbreak process instructed here is one of the many options that you can use. Depending on your device’s iOS you may choose which jailbreak method is most suitable for you.

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