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Security is key – BlackBerry buys Good Technology

Canadian manufacturer BlackBerry is well known for making some of the most secure smartphones on the market, even though they’re not one of the top players anymore. In an attempt to sharpen their focus on business-related services, they’re looking forward to buying software provider Good Technology, in a deal estimated at $425 million.

One more problem will be solved

“By acquiring Good, BlackBerry will better solve one of the biggest struggles for CIOs today, especially those in regulated industries: securely managing devices across any platform,” CEO John Chen said in a press release.

According to The Indian Express, this might help BlackBerry acquire new customers for its service business, moving focus to device management software for enterprise customers. The same source mentions that more than half of the devices using Good Technology‘s systems are iPhones.

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“By providing even stronger cross-platform capabilities our customers will not have to compromise on their choice of operating systems, deployment models or any level of privacy and security.”, the same John Chen declared.

The deal will bring the manufacturer about $160 million after one year since the deal will be signed, not to mention that their shares already went up by 1.1 percent.

Back in the days, these two were big rivals!

On the other side, this seems like a very unusual, move, as the relationship between BlackBerry and Good Technology was pretty tense in the past, due to them being in a competitive market.

More than 10 years ago, the two companies settled a few lawsuits, not to mention the continuous criticism sent by each company to another.

The deal between BlackBerry and Good Technology is expected to be finished by the end of November, as the two companies still have to take care of the usual regulatory approvals and closing conditions.

We’re looking forward if this will affect the Canadian manufacturer’s financial status in a positive way, as they are known for having a lot of issues for the last years.