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Presumed Bitcoin founder’s house, raided by Sydney police

This Wednesday, the Australian police proceeded with a raid to the Sydney home and office of a named considered to be the founder of the Bitcoin and holder of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of the cryptocurrency, according to Reuters.

It all started with some articles revealing his true identity

The raid took place shortly after multiple media publications claimed that Craig Steven Wright was the possible founder of the digital currency. Wright was known until now as Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym he has supposedly taken back in 2009, when the Bitcoin code was initially released.

Sydney police department declared that the Australian Federal Police, the equivalent of the FBI, raided the house following an Australian Tax Office investigation into Wright’s business and tax affairs. One Reuters reporter managed to ask an officer what they were doing, but his response wasn’t very clear: “clearing the house”.

Besides this, a secondary raid was also made at one of the two offices listed as the location of Wright’s businesses. This time, a reporter who wanted to know more was turned away by the police, with an officer saying that “there’s an operation going on at the moment” and he can’t answer any questions.

Over the past years, the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin, has been a mystery that both journalists and bitcoin fans tried to unravel, but without any success.

Police denied any liaison with Bitcoin

Craig Steven Wright is currently the chief executive of DeMorgan Lts, a company described as “a pre-IPO Australian listed company focused on alternative currency”. Despite all these rumors about him being the creator of Bitcoin, the Australian Federal Police released a statement claiming that the “presence of police officers at Mr. Wright’s property is not associated with the media reporting overnight about bitcoins”.