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Best 3 Adrenaline Inducing Sniper Games

The first-person shooter genre is undeniably among the best gaming genres. When I look back and think about some of the best games I’ve played, several FPS games instantly make it onto my list. I particularly enjoy games that require precise aiming skills, as I like the extra challenge, and I also find it highly rewarding. So, I thought I’d be a good idea to compile a list of the best 3 sniper games that are sure to get your adrenaline pumping. I also decided to only consider games that could be played on mobile devices. After doing a bit of research, I came across a site with a list of the top 10 sniper games.

Top 10 Sniper Games by AppGrooves

I instantly recognized a few of the games, but there were also quite a few that I had never heard about. I tried out some of the games on their list and selected the 3 I enjoyed the most. I wrote a small review for each of my picks and I also summarized some of the pros and cons of each game to help you find the right game for you.

Cover Fire – Rating: 4.7, Downloads: 10M+

One of the games I enjoyed playing the most is Cover Fire. What I really like about it is the variety in the gameplay. There is a wide selection of weapons in addition to sniper rifles, like pistols, grenades, bazookas, automatic rifles, and more. I also like how you can play through story missions that require everything from excellent marksman skills to hacking skills. There is also a zombie mode, which I found super fun, so if you feel like shooting some zombies, you can’t go wrong with this game.

Although I found Cover Fire to be a really great game overall, it could use some improvement in the graphics department. That said, the worlds are beautiful, and they really put a lot of work into the animations. Hopefully, as technology improves, the developers can find new ways to make the graphics more detailed and run smoother.

Pros: Weapon selection, gameplay variety, zombie mode.
Cons: Graphics could be better.
Overall: Great for testing your marksman skills with a variety of weapons, but the graphics could use some improvement.

Sniper Shooter Free – Rating: 4.6, Downloads: 10M+

Sniper Shooter Free is another standout for me. It is a bit different from other games in that the characters are stickmen, which adds a fun twist to the game. I particularly liked the way the missions are laid out. Each level has unique sniper puzzles, with different targets and objectives that require both strategy and careful aim. I also like the variety of sniper scenarios. Some levels you are rescuing a hostage, in others, you are shooting a target being carried away in a helicopter, and in others, you are fighting crime.

I wasn’t a fan of the tilt-to-aim controls that are set as the default. I kept the setting for the first few levels, but I never quite got the hang of the tilt to aim feature. Thankfully, there is also an option to aim by swiping your screen, which is the one I ended up using. However, kudos to the developers for taking advantage of the tilt sensitivity of smartphones to add an extra dimension to the game.

Pros: Stickmen characters, sniper puzzles, mission variety, multiple control configurations.
Cons: Tilt-to-aim controls.
Overall: Take your best aim by shooting stickmen characters, but the tilt-to-aim controls might take some getting used to.

Overkill – Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 1M+

My last pick is Overkill. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a fun multiplayer sniper game. You can play solo through several campaign missions, or you can play online with other players and complete multiplayer missions too. I also like how it keeps track of every single shooter statistic, like how many bullets you’ve shot, how many kills you’ve got, your accuracy percentage, and more. Lastly, I was quite impressed with the graphics. I particularly liked the art style and the work the developers put into the details of the game.

The only drawback I found, is that you need to level up your character before you can unlock the sniper rifles. However, by playing the solo and multiplayer campaigns, I found that you can level up quickly enough to get your hands on some of the snipers.

Pros: Solo and multiplayer missions, shooter statistics, great graphics.
Cons: Sniper rifles not available from the start.
Overall: Compete with other players to be the ultimate sniper, but keep in mind that you need to level up before you can unlock some of the sniper rifles.


So, these are my top 3 favorite sniper rifle games. My personal favorite is Cover Fire as I really like the weapon selection and the fact that I can kill some zombies anytime I want. However, I must say that I do find myself playing the other games too. They are all pretty different, so depending on what you are looking for, you will surely find something you like. Happy sniping!

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