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Are you paying more for your broadband than you should?

Many households never think to change their broadband provider regularly. However, this is really important and can be an effective way to reduce your monthly bills. Not all broadband deals clearly state what the monthly payment includes, although a recent change in the law says that deals must now clearly show the monthly line rental in addition to the cost of the broadband. This article will help you to consider whether you are getting the best deal, and hidden charges to look out for.

Where to find the best broadband deals

The best place to find a competitive broadband deal if course online. It is a good idea to use a price comparison site in order to compare broadband deals in your area. Comparison sites for this purpose can be found easily with a quick internet search.

Your broadband package

Line rental associated with broadband packages must now be clearly displayed when you are taking out the package. However, there may also be hidden costs within the package. Many people forget to check these before they take out the package. It is really important, therefore, to read through the terms and conditions, the small print, before you agree to any broadband package to make sure that you do not end up paying more that you thought you would be.

Fees for installation

Most broadband contracts will involve a once often installation fee. These should be clearly displayed at the time that you sign up to the package. This usually covers the cost of the router that is often included, line installation if it is appropriate, connection fees and other charges. Many people forget that they have to pay this by the time they need to pay it. This is an important factor in considering the long term cost of the broadband package. There are some price comparison sites are excellent in making sure that all the fees involved are clearly displayed from the outset.

Cancellation Fees

You will usually be charged a fee for cancelling your broadband package. This is unless you are at the end of an initial contract period. You may also have a complaint about the provider, and if you pursue it is possible that they will let you exit the contract early. It may be worthwhile therefore waiting to the end of your initial contract period so that you can change providers without penalty. This tends to be after a year, although providers do vary.

OFCOM can provide help to consumers who want to cancel their broadband package early. They can help you to decide if you have a genuine complaint about your provider which would require investigation and possible compensation.

Out of term pricing

Most people who take out a new broadband contract is because they feel that they are getting a great deal. Often, such deals will offer a particularly attractive discounts for the first few months. Sometimes these can be greater than 50%. Many people forget that after these first few months they have to pay the full monthly price. This is an important consideration when taking up a new package and is often a reason why people wish to cancel they package mid-term. They then find out about the cancellation charge that they will need to pay. It is better to view the broadband as costing the full amount therefore, and view any incentives or discount as a bonus.

Download Limits

Some broadband packages stipulate how much data you are able to download. Choosing a package that does not have sufficient data allowances can be a problem and can lead to huge surprises when you get your bill. Therefore it is really important and much more cost effective to choose a package that will give you sufficient data.

These are some of the reasons why you might be paying too much for your broadband package. It is really important to take the time to compare broadband deals properly and to understand the terms and conditions before you commit to the package, and remember to factor in any deals or discounts.

Omer Cetin