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Apple and Others Are About to Make a Play for Your Wallet with These Products

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By now, you have already heard about Apple’s fall lineup as announced September 7th. Not everyone got what they wanted. But many are beside themselves with joy. There will be plenty of people waiting in lines around the world telling Apple to shut up and take their money.

But they are not the only ones who are releasing cool products that will make a play for your wallet this holiday season. This wristband that has no speaker, but allows you to make calls by putting a finger to your ear is not one of them. First, it is a Kickstarter project that will not be out this year, if at all. Second, it is not cool even in a Dick Tracy kind of way.

Not to worry, the list of things you might want is long and interesting. There are some new categories that might interest you, and new products in old categories that are sure to make you look. iPhones, Apple Watches, and other fruity gadgets are a given. But when you’re done buying those things, here are a few others you might want to consider:

SSD Drive

Not everyone can afford a fancy new MacBook Pro with the Dynamic Function Row. Your old computer is going to have to get you by for another year of four. No worries. It is possible to buy a single component for your computer and have it feel like a brand new computer, just as long as that component is an SSD.

The best SSDs of 2016 are largely unchanged from the previous crop. The tech is mostly the same. And the prices are largely unchanged. Then again, so is the value.

These are great devices for speeding up your system and making them feel young again. If you have had your system for a while, it is probably due for a new hard drive anyway. Hard drives fail all the time. As Secure Data Recovery put it:

Hard disk drives contain a number of fast-moving components, and over time, all mechanical parts will gradually wear down. As a result, most computer users eventually encounter a hard drive failure. Unfortunately, hard drive failures can occur without warning, leaving you without access to important files.

Nothing will make your computer feel more old and busted than a failed hard drive. Nothing will make your computer feel newer than a new SSD.


Let’s be clear: No one needs a smartwatch. But once you have one, you will not want to be without it. The Apple Watch 2, like its predecessor, will outsell all other smartwatches on the market. That information should have zero bearing on your life if you happen to be rocking an Android phone.

Don’t worry. The Swatch Bellamy has you covered. It is a traditional watch with an NFC chip designed for one thing only: making payments from your wrist. Since the introduction of the Apple Watch, everyone is playing catch up with wrist payments.

The Samsung S3 is a full-blown, as well as blown-up smartwatch that does payments, along with having LTE and GPS, and every other set of initial Samsung could pack into that huge circle.

If the Apple Store is sold out of the new Apple Watch 2, Apple retail stores will soon be carrying a fitness tracker from Misfit. There is simply no excuse for you not to get your watch on, your smartwatch, that is.


I’m going to go against the grain and recommend Bose. Sure, it’s cool to hate on Bose in the same way it is cool to hate on Apple. But like it or not, bluetooth is upon us. And no major headphone manufacturer does bluetooth better than Bose.

Whether it is their SoundSport line or their Quiet Comfort line, Bose nailed it. As Serenity Caldwell said of the QC 35s writing for iMore:

If you have the budget to go wireless and noise-cancelling, there’s no other pick worth considering.

Don’t buy a computer. Buy a new SSD. Don’t buy a New smartphone. Buy a smartwatch to go with the smartphone you have. Don’t buy new music. Buy new headphones that make you fall in love with your old music. Cashiers are standing by.


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