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Apple Music turns out to be a quick success

Apple Music was launched in June and since then the $10-a-month streaming music service gathered more than 6.5 million subscribers, proving itself as a real success.

Users are delighted by freebies, apparently

According to CNET, other 8.5 million are using the service’s 90-day free trial. “I’m finding personally that I’m discovering a whole lot of music that I wasn’t listening to before. I think it’s fabulous. And to have over 15 million on there, and 6.5 million in the paid category, I’m really happy about it, and I think the runway here is really good.”, said Apple CEO Tim Cook on Monday, quoted by the same source.

Apple Music offers a 24/7 radio station called Beats 1 and has hits drained by “music experts”. Also, a social feature called Connect is available, which grant fans the opportunity to bond with their favourite musicians. “We have music experts, just like the DJ when we were growing up…that are deciding what’s next. It brings the art back in music.”, added Cook.

Competitors should take notice

It looks like Spotify, which has 20 million paying users, better watch its back, as Apple Music could be a very powerful competitor. On a different note, Cook left aside Apple Music and talked about the company’s responsibility in promoting human rights, improving the environment and touting education. He said that no matter what, he’ll keep on going with Steve Jobs’ plan and strategy to change the world into a better place with tech.

According to CNET, Apple has another surprise prepared for their customers: updated Apple TV. Cook revelead that the company will start taking orders on October 26 and will begin shipping the set-top box by the end of next week. Features such as an iPhone-like app store, a touch-enabled remote and the ability to simultaneously search for content across multiple video providers like HBO, Netflix and Hulu are available.