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AdaptCMS Update

It’s been a while since the last update, with some progress on 2.0.2 but mainly have let 2.0.1 settle. Work has been started back up, there will be a slight delay with needing some initial brainstorming and the next version of AdaptCMS will be a minor update with a more major version coming soon after that.

As of now the most significant aspects of 2.0.2 is the phpBB integration and tagging. Even though tagging has been in the system, more importance will be put into it other than simply being a field you can use when adding content in the ACP. As well the social features of AdaptCMS will get some work, mainly in the bug fixing area but also some additions such as group images and an enhanced template.

Stay tuned for a blog to detail the changes/additions in the next version.

Since the release of AdaptCMS 2.0.3 it has been quiet here at Insane Visions. That will be changing this weekend with this post and another Symfony tutorial coming. The main reasoning is that a lot of work and time has been going into the development of the next big version of AdaptCMS – a rewrite using the cakePHP framework and taking full advantage of jquery, bootstrap, AJAX and other technologies.

Currently this AdaptCMS version is still in a pre-alpha and will likely not be a final Alpha version for some time. That said, a few blog posts on a few of the features will be posted sometime this month to shed some light on the script, but full final release is not expected for quite some time.

First blog in a while and it’s about AdaptCMS, the upcoming CMS.

I just finished a big update on it. I got numerous things done including the best of all, relations and custom fields which work great. Also got the user rating script, comments for articles and for articles that show up, a feature is in that will be sort of a “quick link” to edit or delete it.

Should have more done tomorrow and some screen shots.

I aplogize for no updates, there have been none because, frankly, there hasn’t been work on the script (aside from a few small things) for the past 2-3 weeks. Real life kicking into high gear for me so I won’t be able to release this month but I am planning on a release of early-mid April which will also give more time for refining and adding some more features.

More details including what new features exactly will be added, coming soon. 

First blog update in a little while, but there is a lot to update on. In general, the script is finished. I am finishing a game Pack and may do a blog pack before release. The script itself, even though practically done, has had a surprising amount of work done lately.

I had 3 days off (though will try and work on it some this upcoming week too) and worked on various things. The bulk of the work was actually on relations. I was working on the Game Pack and had some issues and did some re-doing only to find out a good amount of the new code didn’t work…so I added some new code to the old code and got it to work.

Then today I realized a flaw in it. Say you have a sub-section “Games” and then sections “Reviews”, “Previews”, “News” and “Features”. You have a game added Halo 3 and related to it are a few news articles, a preview and a feature. If you went to the Halo 3 game page, links and such work but if you go to say the Preview, it would only link back to the game page. That is now fixed after a few hours of coding.

I also added an “Archive” type feature for content. Looking at a list page with the letters (a-z), above that is now a little date form so you can see content by month. The game pack itself is also almost finished, I only need to put in so that it adds 50 games when installed.

In closing…the game pack should definitely be finished this week and final preperations for the script, some advertising, several final test runs for the script, get it encoded and then release.

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