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AdaptCMS – Plugins

I’ve posted a new blog on one of the new features in AdaptCMS, the Plugins feature, here’s an excerpt:

"After the announcement just days ago, about AdaptCMS Lite, work has already begun on it as well as Pro. I’m very excited for both, especially Lite, being an open source script."

AdaptCMS Plugins Blog – View

A little while ago, when the Insane Visions blog first started (before AdaptCMS), the intention was to at least post some blogs on kind of "featured" parts of an upcoming version of OneCMS. Lately that hasn’t been done and I’d like to get the blogs updated more, so it will be happening once again, but this time with the various IV Scripts.

With that said, lets move onto the subject at hand, in the new versions of AdaptCMS – Plugins. It’s a feature that was in OneCMS, but wasn’t well developed, but I wanted to change that for AdaptCMS. With the new Plugins Feature you can buy/download plugins right through the admin panel, install plugins (pop the file(s) into the plugins folder, click a link and it installs!) and all this is seamless.

AdaptCMS Pro and AdaptCMS Lite will come with the Affiliates plugin at launch, with more releasing soon after launch.

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