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AdaptCMS Beta 3 – May 7th

In preparation for the big and long-coming release of AdaptCMS 3.0, a majority of recent work has been bug testing. We’ve cranked out a lot of bug fixes on the Templates and Users features especially. Although it was working, the forgot password/reset password/activate password functionalities were redone as they were originally made to be as small amount of code as possible – as I know now, that isn’t necessarily always good.

Work on a new plugin also started and concluded, check inside for the details as well as a scoop at a possible new project.

Bug/Browser Testing

The first round of bug and browser testing is complete. As expected, we didn’t find any issues with modern Firefox/Chrome (chrome is what we use), but did find some JS and a few minor asthetic issues with IE 8-9, a few for 10. The next step will be to resolve this issues, which should be a fairly short process.

We’ll also be doing a short round on mobile testing. We would like main functionality to work and for it to look fairly well, although, the desktop viewing is of course the main concern at the moment.

There will be one more phase of testing, we’ll hammer more throughly into functionality at the last stage of bug testing and by the end of the Beta 3 release, we expect modern browsers to not have any major issues cosmetically or asthetically.

Google Analytics Plugin

I’ve made on three seperate occassions statistics features. At the time I was fairly low on the PHP food chain of knowledge. In a little under 10 hours we got a fully functional, much faster and better looking stats program already finished.

All the important stats you need to know are presented in one page and you can select different date ranges, by default it is the past week. Top keywords, top os’s/browsers, amount of visitors, etc.

All this is cached by default and uses google vistualization to show a chart of uniques/views. This Plugin will come with AdaptCMS 3.0 by default.

New Project?

This is hypothetical, but with a full release of AdaptCMS coming in the next half year, we are already looking at the next project. We’ll be trying to get some added help this summer and if we are able to add another person or two, then we plan on starting on that project shortly.

At this point we are just looking at different possibilities. We are wanting to do something using the latest technology – the only possibility that is stuck so far is a blog script being powered by Silex and Angular. It would be very simple and very quick, but also something we have done (the basic idea). If any readers have some suggestions, feel free to comment – we are open to suggestions!


The deadline is staying as planned, with Beta 3 releasing by the end of June 2013. There is a decent chance the release will happen before then but we’ll be taking a “wait and see approach”. With an early release, we could then spend extra time for the big release.

Stay tuned for continued updates.

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