AdaptCMS Beta 3 – April 20th - Insane Visions

AdaptCMS Beta 3 – April 20th

It’s been a while since the last blog, since the last one AdaptCMS Beta 2 has released and work has started already on AdaptCMS Beta 3. While there will be some new features, largely it will be bug testing and browser testing.

Before Beta 3 releases, the new InsaneVisions website will launch. We have the content ported over, users (but you must reset your pw) and a new design. Right now we just need to setup the redirects for search engines and then we will be moving everything over to the new server (including, this is a process so we are going about it carefully. I expect by the end of this month that everything will be moved over and the new site will be up, can’t wait!

Read on to learn about some of the new and upcoming stuff for AdaptCMS Beta 3.


While it’s been simplified and expected to have one more upgrade before full release, the AdaptBB plugin is done in it’s first phase. It’s nice and snappy, the two big advantages over the previous version. For those new to AdaptBB entirely, it is a simple forum software.

With the second version, the one being shipped with AdaptCMS 3.0, fully customizable permissions will be in and will likely receive some feature enhancements. Currently admins can manage forums/categories and users with the permission to, can post topics, replies, edit/delete posts and of course view a forum index/topic list/topic view.

AdaptCMS 2.0.x Converter

Originally planned, then cancelled and brought back. It is very simply, only converting content and related items (fields, custom field data, comments), pages and users. So the bad thing is that all users will have to reset their password, all templating has to be done from scratch as well.

Due to templating being completely different and password hashing being different are the reasons behind not bringing those two over. Once 3.0 is released we recommend 2.0.x users to first upgrade to the newest 2.0 version (2.0.4 currently) and then install 3.0. Then run the converter and you can then bring over templates and anything else you wish, manually.

Upcoming Beta 3 Featured

There isn’t a ton of exciting stuff, that’s why it’s hard to update (and at times, hard to work on) since it is currently in the testing mode. We will likely do another one or two plugins before final 3.0 release, Google Analytics and Google Maps seem to be the top possibilities. Google Maps is very possible to be out for the Beta 3 release.

A menu builder is also something likely to happen in Beta 3, something fairly straight forward like you would see in wordpress. To place the menu you would just use the specified php tag to show it anywhere you wish. Drag and drop menu items, set what tag will seperate and contain the menu items.


Right now we are targetting an end of June release, it could be earlier or perhaps a bit later – largely depends on how much bugs are found/how long they take to fix along with browser issues. We intend on the CMS running fine in all current major browsers and at minimum, IE 9 – IE 8 is possible and we will likely not support IE7 unless there are quick fixes. Mobile is also important and we intend on most functionality to work well on those devices as well.

Stay tuned to the site, the next update will likely be the new insane visions website!