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AdaptCMS Alpha – November 13th

The second blog for the upcoming huge version of AdaptCMS, currently version “Alpha 2”. Progress has dipped a bit between the release of Alpha and working on the next Alpha version, but I’ve gone back to the drawing board to get everything back on track.

While no gurantee, I’m running on the plan of the next Alpha releasing by the end of this year. For the public, it’s unfortunately not much news – a beta release right now is looking to be Spring 2013 (purely a guess right now). But while there hasn’t been a massive amount of work, Alpha 2 already has two big features and some other cool stuff. Continue to find out about it.

Facebook Integration

The first feature after the release of “Alpha”, was actually Facebook integration. I, unrealstically, wanted to immediately do all the major API’s (fb, twitter, linkedin, openid) – unfortunately the existing plugins for these is pretty scarce and very hit and miss. I lucked out on an excellent – well documented, well maintained Facebook plugin.

Right now the implementation is basic – you can login through facebook. If the facebook ID already exists for a profile, then you will be logged in under that user account. If it does not, then a brand new user account is generated. If the former, th permissions will look for a group with the “facebook” flag and if it doesn’t find one, will treat the user as a regular member.

The basic login/logout/register works flawlessly. The only issue is that when you logout, you are logged out of facebook, this is something that should be fixed long before release. But the possibilities are pretty huge, the user profile of your site could be populated with Facebook data and once the other API’s are written, there’s a lot of cool stuff that could be done.

Media Library

The more recent addition was the Media Library functionality which I finished this past weekend. I basically wanted a visual way to manage your media library. When you go to add a new library, you enter a name and when you click on “Attach Images” a modal pops up with a visual list of all the images in the database. You click on the image or checkbox to select the image and then click on “Save Selected” once you’ve made your selection of images. These images instantly popup right on the library form and you can click an image to remove it.

There is AJAX Pagination and AJAX Sorting to make it easier to weed through large image databases. There will also be AJAX Searching, the results automatically updating as you type – this is possible now, but need to make room for it.

The backend side for this is done (besides searching) now, the next step will be building a default frontend view where you will see a list of media libraries, view an individual library or view an individual image.

Coming Up

With these two big ones done, it will be back to doing small stuff. The only sizable thing might be the field order drag and drop, otherwise most of the TODO’s are basic improvements of the admin area. Some admin features will have “tabs”, for example when you go to edit a category you will have a tab to edit the category, to see a list of related articles (if any) and a tab for related fields. This will help get quick important functionality and will be expanded now, as well as in the future.

The frontend for Polls will also likely be done soon as well as the beginning of User Profile management and an upgrader for the current adaptcms release.


With version “Alpha 2” underway, work will continue again on numerous related projects. A new coding website in the same veign as Insane Visions, has been started. A new has already been designed and once the Media Library functionality is done, will slowly start the buildup of that site – as well, API will be a big part of the new AdaptCMS and I don’t mean Facebook. There will be API services running from the official AdaptCMS site that will be used inside the script (such as getting a list of plugins), as well, will be useable by anyone.

Stay tuned for more updates and information on AdaptCMS.