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AdaptCMS 3.0 – Post Release

With the big release of 3.0, at the same time, we are not expecting huge numbers for this version. With 2.0 downloads were low, but we had quick releases that increased download amounts more and more. That said, we have about 300 downloads (likely more, that we are not able to track from other sources) and the Monday after release, we hit 157 unique visitors and have stayed around 65-75 uniques/day versus around 35-45 for the same time period the previous month. If the web traffic continues, that is a continuos solid increase in traffic and even more likely to improve download/number of sites using the CMS in the future.

Although release was just two weeks ago, we are going back to work on AdaptCMS this weekend for 3.0.1. We plan on bug fixes/security fixes/asthetic fixes, some minor tweaks and some new features – likely a new plugin. There could be some more dev-friendly functionality, we are planning on improving our code commenting slowly and slowly applying unit testing to existing feature – in addition, all new functionality will include unit testing.

In the future we have plans on translations, but this may not be until 3.1. We’ll dig more into exactly what 3.0.1 contains in the coming weeks, once we have gone through some todo’s and gotten some features done. Stay tuned!