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AdaptCMS 3.0 – July 8th

The full release of AdaptCMS 3.0 is a bit under two weeks away, but I wanted to go over some of the more recent progress to get this release ready to go a month or so before expected. This will be the last post until the release of 3.0/launch of the new sites. For those that didn’t see the news from the other day – AdaptCMS 3.0, it’s official website and API website are launching July 20th.

As for the blog, check inside for the details.

Ready for Production

There are many bug fixes and minor tweaks I didn’t keep track of, because there were so many. A bulk of the work since Beta 3 released has been getting AdaptCMS production ready. Early on this was getting caching configured the best, only in certain frontend areas. Then getting default templates, data all set as well.

All 3rd party libraries were updated, the most major was brining tinyMCE 3 to the brand new tinyMCE 4.0 version, this brought on a lot of code updating but well worth it. CSS/JS from 3rd parties was also minified to bring down load times. Table indexing was completed as well.

Google Maps Plugin

We are looking at possibly pushing this one back – but luckily we instead spent a few long days on it and are very happy with the outcome. The inferface is very quick and easy to use – in the admin, you can easily build maps. Static, Normal, Route and Route with directions along with adding markers and a lot of customizability to it.

Then with a simple tag you can include this map anywhere on your website. In the default build, we have a simple map on the contact page showcasing this nifty plugin.

Site Work, Misc

With and the API website launching as well, some work was done on those as well. Both are ready to go, just a matter of linking to one and updating a vhost file for the other. Redirecting should be good to go for the official site, but we will be keeping an eye on the error logs.

Other than that, it’s just been bug testing. Going through features, finding edge cases and minor enhancements/issues to fix. This will pretty much continue up to the 14th, at that point it should be good and we will zip up the file and between then and the 20th – we will get ready to launch everything.


It’s a weird feeling, writing this about 14 months after restarting the CMS. By a huge margin, the biggest/longest and most exciting project I’ve ever worked on myself and yet, nerve-wracking as once it’s launched – all those hundreds of hours of work could either be for little attention, or it could end up being a popular CMS system.

Hopefully the latter, we’ll continue to work on it as long as people stick with it and we are confident that people will really like it. Come back on the 20th for the public release of AdaptCMS 3.0.


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