AdaptCMS 2.0 – July 27th - Insane Visions

AdaptCMS 2.0 – July 27th

The very first blog of AdaptCMS 2.0! At this point no coding or
design work has been done yet, some very early testing and a lot of
brainstorming. Because of that, this blog will esentially be just
covering some of the bigger ideas we have in mind for 2.0, somewhat
fleshed out.

Most of the features mentioned in this blog are part of this new “IV Connect/IV Share/Insert name here” idea, that connects not only the AdaptCMS website and Insane Visions, but all AdaptCMS powered websites with each other in various ways.

Anyways, onto the blog!

This idea we have, for the moment, I’ll just call it “IV Share”. The idea in a nutshell is to connect AdaptCMS websites together, have interaction between them as well as a connection to the Insane Visions and website. To start out with, to help keep activities organized, an Insane Visions account has to first be linked to. From there your website and IV account are linked, used for future IV Share features.

Once that’s done, the real fun begins. To start, anything related to IV Share is optional and can be disabled. Now one of the ideas of connecting sites together is to have a “sharing” area. There you can browse a list of AdaptCMS stuff such as plugins, templates or sections. This will be a mix of things released by us and other sites.

Even more, you may be able to chat with other sites. Think of it as a little chatbox integrated into the admin panel, but with other adaptcms-powered sites online. As well, the latest content from AdaptCMS websites is shown (also on The overhauled Support 2.0 will also make use of the IV share, some features will require that you have an IV account linked up. (such as being able to comment on other people’s support tickets and contributing to the FAQ/Help Files)

This is just the tip of the iceberg and only a small fraction of the new things coming to AdaptCMS 2.0. Not only do we want AdaptCMS to feel like a little community, where you can easily communicate and share with each other, but also have some exposure such as your latest content being on the official website.

Stay tuned for further AdaptCMS 2.0 blogs, there will be many of them!